Oxygen Not Included – Sulfur Geyser: Brimstoner Blueprint

Sulfur Geyser

  • Goal: self-powered Sulfur Geyser tamer to output hot Sulfur debris
  • Author: Fradow
  • Input: a Sulfur Geyser
  • Output: 1.5kg/s hot Sulfur debris

Since Sulfur Geysers output 165.2°C Liquid Sulfur, there is a small amount of heat that can be used to produce power through Steam Turbines, while solidifying Sulfur at the same time to be used for crops/critters.

When using ONI mechanisms to their full potential (10% of pipe packets, split turbine), that heat is enough to self-power the build, meaning it can be left in a corner without getting linked to your main grid.

The left Steambox is above 125°C during eruptions to enable the Turbine. The right Steambox is colder than that to extract more energy. The automation is there to ensure the left Steambox stays hot and Liquid Sulfur never overflows too much in the right-most part, and might need some fiddling depending on the exact Geyser properties.

If a tile forms there, you will need to dig it out, either with a Dupe or with a Robo-Miner (like on the automation screenshot, which shows a revised version of the automation with an additional buffer gate).

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