Oxygen Not Included – Leaky Oil Fissure Blueprint

Leaky Oil Fissure

  • Goal: self-powered Leaky Oil Fissure tamer to extract Crude Oil at a useful temperature
  • Author: Hotep Thunderbolt
  • Input: a Leaky Oil Fissure
  • Output: 125g/s of 95°C to 100°C Crude Oil

Since Leaky Oil Fissures have a weird output temperature, that’s too hot to directly use but too cold to turn to Petroleum easily, this build cools it down to about 95°C to 100°C with a SCST and its exhaust (just like the Hydrogen Vent tamer), which matches Oil Wells temperature.

That output is perfect to supplement a 3 Oil Wells setup: since 3 Oil Wells cannot output 10kg/s (due to depressurization eating into their uptime), a Leaky Oil Fissure can help fill the gap.

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