Oxygen Not Included – Polluted Water Geysers: Evapotuner Blueprint

Polluted Water Geysers

  • Goal: transform Polluted Water to Water without filtration medium
  • Author: Fradow
  • Input: Polluted Water Vent, Cool Slush Geyser, or some Polluted Water, 600W to 700W for 5kg/s
  • Output: same mass of Water as input Polluted Water

This build is marked as Spaced Out!, because in Vanilla it’s always easier to use renewable Regolith in a Water Sieve.

Polluted Water geysers are either 30°C (Polluted Water Vent) or -10°C (Cool Slush Geyser), which means a lot of heat to vaporize. To greatly reduce the heat requirement, you have to use a counterflow heat exchanger.

Efficiently boiling water has a few more caveats for which you need a few more gizmos:

  • A pre-heater in case the input water is under 0°C, to avoid output water freezing.
  • A counterflow heat exchanger that handles both Steam and Water.
  • A heat bridge to force Steam condensation if it goes up to the end of the Steam section.
  • A Bead Pump to move Steam away from the boiling chamber.
  • A Polluted Oxygen chamber for initialization.

Overall, it performs very close to the Water Sieve + Rock Crusher option while removing Dupe labor, but at a huge construction cost.

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