Oxygen Not Included – Metal Volcanoes Blueprint

Metal Volcanoes

  • Goal: self-powered Metal Volcano tamer outputting Refined Metal on conveyor rails
  • Author: Saturnus
  • Input: a Metal volcano (all except Niobium)
  • Output: debris of 126°C Refined Metal, Power

There are many ways to tame Metal Volcanoes: in a vacuum to remove the Steel requirement, by cooling the output down below 100°C, by using them to power a boiler…

That approach aims to be a dead simple self-powered build that does not cool its output below 126°C to 130°C (depending on your preference), since temperature is clamped when using the metal to build something.

There is also an hybrid ST cooling system: it uses self-cooling under 98°C and is assisted by an AT over that threshold. Note that the Pipe Thermo Sensor placement is deliberate: it’s a clever way to only cool 7 packets before resuming self-cooling.

The battery can be any battery type: Small or Jumbo batteries work as well.

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