Oxygen Not Included – Experiment 52B: Exspilement Blueprint

Experiment 52B: Exspilement

  • Goal: Self-powered Experiment 52B tamer that transforms Food into Water + Isoresin
  • Author: Fradow
  • Input: Food, up to Experiment 52B limit
  • Output: Water + Isoresin, scaling with food input calories

The goal of this setup is to tame the Experiment 52B that spawns on the Marshy Asteroid, and use the heat creation that happens when Resin is boiled to recoup that boiling cost.

This involves using the 10% of pipe capacity mechanic, and having a very small counterflow in the Steam chamber, as well as pining the tree to 95°C to 100°C to reduce the boiling cost.

After initializing the setup, it’s better to ship Rot Pile out rather than wait for it to transform to Polluted Dirt and off-gas, that’s why I revised the left part to use an Auto-sweeper and Conveyor Loader.

A tweak to the automation had to be made to allow both those buildings, by measuring Pipes temperature rather than Resin temperature.

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