Oxygen Not Included – Sour Gas Boiler Blueprint

Sour Gas Boiler

  • Goal: Sour Gas boiling: Crude Oil => Sour Gas => Natural Gas => Power + Water
  • Author: Yobbo
  • Input: 3.33kg/s Crude Oil (one Oil Well worth)
  • Output: 1.65kg/s Water (0.65kg/s excess after feeding the Oil Well), 1.11kg/s Sulfur and 0.55kg/s CO2

Sour Gas boiling is often considered a vanity project, as Petroleum boiling is easier and more than enough for most reasonable purposes. If for some reason you want more Power and/or excess Water, you need to engage into Sour Gas boiling, which is a loop consisting of:

  1. Extracting Crude Oil from an Oil Well: 1kg/s Water => 3.3333kg/s Crude Oil
  2. Boiling this Crude Oil to Sour Gas by heating it up to ~540°C: you get 3.33kg/s Sour Gas
  3. Condensing this Sour Gas to Methane by cooling it down to ~165°C: you get 2.22kg/s Methane and 1.11kg/s waste Sulfur
  4. Slightly heating up this Methane again to Natural Gas (above -160°C): you get 2.22kg/s Natural Gas
  5. After dumping some heat in it, burning the Natural Gas in generators: you get 18KW and 1.66kg/s of Polluted Water
  6. Boiling the Polluted Water to Steam: you get 1.65kg/s Steam and trace amounts of Dirt
  7. Condensing this Steam with Steam Turbines: you get 1.65kg/s Water
  8. Feeding 1kg/s of that Water to the Oil Well to complete the loop: you still have 0.65kg/s excess Water.

This build does step 2 to 8, only leaving you the Oil Well extraction to perform.

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