Oxygen Not Included – 24 Dupes Core Base Blueprint

24 Dupes Core Base

  • Goal: House 24 Dupes with all the basics (food, toilets, perma-suits)
  • Author: Fradow
  • Input: Food, Oxygen, Filtration medium
  • Output: 24 Happy dupes

This is a base that focuses on keeping Duplicants happy with decor-spamming and almost all the time in atmo suits, except when they sleep. There are 3 Atmo Suits per 2 Dupes to avoid trapped alert when a Dupe just hanged a suit to go to sleep.

The deep-freeze setup is a bit clunky because it had to be retro-fitted after Mergedown and wasn’t originally planned.

There are a few details that could be improved here and there, but overall it does a nice job of minimizing travel time by keeping every room for core needs together.

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