Oxygen Not Included – 8 Dupes Self-Sufficient Base: Spicy Tofu Bunkhouse

8 Dupes Self-Sufficient Base

  • Goal: house 8 Dupes in a fully self-sufficient base
  • Author: Yobbo
  • Input: None
  • Output: small amounts of Water, Hydrogen, Phosphorite, Fertilizer, Natural Gas, trace amounts of Reed fiber, Balm lily, Pepper seeds, Nosh beans, BBQ, Egg shell.

Using an ethanol loop with 24 wild-planted Arbor Trees as its base (here there are 26, the 2 extra are for safety), you can get 750g/s Polluted Water and 1.33kg/s Polluted Dirt, by using Lumber in Ethanol Distillers to get Polluted Dirt and Ethanol, and burning Ethanol in a Petroleum Generator to get Power and Polluted Water.

This base uses that resource creation cycle to power the base, oxygenate Dupes using a Sublimation Station with the Polluted Dirt and feed them using a varied diet.

It measures 36×38 cells, walls included.

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