Oxygen Not Included – Cool Steam Vent: Clown’s Hat Blueprint

Cool Steam Vent

  • Goal: self-powered Cool Steam Vent taming to extract water
  • Author: mathmanican, with various variations from Saturnus (whose version is shown here) and others
  • Input: a Cool Steam Vent
  • Output: about 1.5kg/s water average

The goal of this design is to tame a CSV in the most efficient way possible. When using all possible game mechanics (temperature clamping, split turbine), as displayed in the main article, it’s possible to have a power-neutral (even slightly positive) build.

The version displayed here doesn’t use those, so it’s not completely self-powered but it’s very close.

The output water averages 84.2C.

The main feature is 4 Liquid-Gas Bypass pumps, which together are able to pump up to 12kg/s of Steam (3kg/s each) to avoid overpressuring the Vent.

An alternate way to pump Steam is to use a Liquid Bead Gas Pump for the Steam and an Escher Waterfall to replenish that liquid, as shown by this build for Ishamoridin:

Disclaimer: this last build is known to delete part of the Steam, from about 10% for low output vents to 35% for high output vents. There is currently no known workaround.

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