Oxygen Not Included – Hydrogen Vent Blueprint

Hydrogen Vent

  • Goal: Steel-less Hydrogen Geyser tamer to pump Hydrogen
  • Author: Hotep Thunderbolt
  • Input: a Hydrogen Geyser
  • Output: about 105g/s average, under 125°C, piped Hydrogen

Since Hydrogen Geysers produce Hydrogen too hot to pump anyway, you will need to cool Hydrogen before pumping it.

While you can go simple and just passively exchange heat with a Steam room sitting below a Steam Turbine to get it to around 130°C, requiring Steel, you can get clever with Steam Turbine exhaust to get it under 125°C, extracting more power and removing the need for Steel.

With all bells and whistles, including 10% packets, here is a Steel-less build:

Here is also a variant that has an infinite storage using door pumps:

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