Oxygen Not Included – All Cheats List

Oxygen Not Included - All Cheats List
Oxygen Not Included - All Cheats List

Here you can find all the Oxygen Not Included cheats with explanations how to enable the Debug mode. Enjoy the benefits of the cheats.

All Cheats in Oxygen Not Included

How to Enable Oxygen Not Included Cheats

Create an empty text file, named “debug_enable” (debug_enable.txt) inside the OxygenNotIncluded_Data Folder, and finally restart the game.

Once you have add the debug_enable.txt press backspace and you will open the debug options

Full List of Oxygen Not Included Cheats

There are all the cheats, codes or also console commands available in the game. You have to press to keyboard keys at the same time, and we provide you all of them:

  • Build Mode: Press CTRL + F4.
  • God Mode: Press ALT + F4, will make you invincible.
  • All Elements: Press CTRL + F9, will discover all the Elements. (*)
  • Teleport (Debug): Press ALT + O.
  • SuperSpeed (Debug): Press ALT + Z.
  • Invincible (Debug): Press ALT + F7.

(*) Agriculture, Consumable Ore, Cultivable Soil, Filtration Medium, Liquefiable, Manufactured Material, Metal Ore, Miscellaneous, Organic, Rare Resources, Raw Mineral, Refined Metal, Refined Mineral + Special

Other Cheats

  • Refresh Nav Dell (Debug): Press ALT + N.
  • Select In Editor (Debug): Press ALT + T.
  • Path Finding (Debug): Press ALT + P.
  • Reload Mods (Debug): Press ALT + M.
  • Reload Level (Debug): Press ALT + L.
  • Notification (Debug): Press ALT + X.
  • Notification Message(Debug): Press ALT + C.
  • Toggle UI (Debug): Press ALT + F1.
  • Collect Garbage (Debug): Press ALT + F3.
  • High Audio Reverb (Debug): Press ALT + F8.
  • Low Audio Reverb (Debug): Press ALT + F9.
  • Force Light (Debug): Press ALT + F10.
  • Cell Info (Debug): Press ALT + F11.
  • Visual Test (Debug): Press SHIFT + F1.
  • Gameplay Test (Debug): Press SHIFT + F2.
  • Element Test (Debug): Press SHIFT + F3.
  • River Test (Debug): Press SHIFT + F4.
  • Tile Test (Debug): Press SHIFT + F5.
  • Select Material (Debug): Press CTRL + 5.
  • Toggle Music (Debug): Press CTRL + M.
  • Focus (Debug): Press CTRL + T.
  • Ultra Test Mode (Debug): Press CTRL + 5.
  • Spawn Duplicant (Debug): Press CTRL + F2.
  • Place (Debug): Press CTRL + F3.
  • Instant Build Mode (Debug): Press CTRL + F4.
  • Show Test Mode (Debug): Press CTRL + F5.
  • Dig (Debug): Press CTRL + F6.
  • Explosion (Debug): Press CTRL + F8.
  • Discover All Elements (Debug): Press CTRL + F9.
  • Trigger Excepcion (Debug): Press CTRL + F12.
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