Oxygen Not Included – Electrolyzer Blueprint


  • Goal: Convert Water into Oxygen while self-powering
  • Author: some guy named Rodriguez (hence the name), popularized by Francis John, improved by Saturnus
  • Input: about 850g/s Water per Electrolyzer (with an uptime of 85%)
  • Output: about 750g/s Oxygen and 250W per Electrolyzer

The basic premise of the Rodriguez build is to separate gases in the atmosphere using their weight and the fact that a lighter gas cannot sink to a row consisting of only heavier gas and vice versa. This eliminates the need for a Gas Filter and, with proper atmo sensors configuration, gas pumps never pull in partial packets. This leaves you with a surplus of power.

This means to prime the build, the cells gas pumps can draw from must be only the gas they should pump: Hydrogen for the top row, Oxygen for the bottom 2 row.

Here is a preview explaining it with the 3 versions: Quasi, Semi, Full:

Compared to the classic Rodriguez version, this build uses a liquid to prevent the Hydrogen gas pump from drawing from the 3 middle cells in range, and a solid tile for the bottom cell in range. It also means a slightly smaller build, and opens the possibility for a single electrolyzer setup.

By keeping this build small and properly sizing pumps, Electrolyzers can operate to about 95% (despite reporting a lower uptime), as long as the outputs are not clogged.

For safe operation, it is advised to ensure the Hydrogen output is never clogged (by always burning it if there is too much).

The build will safely stop when the Oxygen is clogged (meaning you supply enough Oxygen for your Dupes).

Here are the details of all 3 builds, pick the one that will provide enough according to how many Dupes you have (though it’s recommended to build 2 Semis rather than 1 Full if you have more than 14/15 Dupes):

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