Oxygen Not Included – Auto-Drowning Pez Dispenser Blueprint

Auto-Drowning Pez Dispenser

  • Goal: Dispense critters to a ranch and automatically drown the excess
  • Author: Ishamoridin
  • Input: Critter Eggs
  • Output: Critters dispensed to the ranch, Meat from the excess

To optimize ranches, you want to take eggs out, let them hatch, and re-introduce just enough critters to fill the ranches and drown the rest.

That compact design takes care of both the re-introduction and the drowning with no Dupe labor, and fits perfectly on a tall 4 width ranch that optimizes Dupe walking time.

It works with:

  • Hatches
  • Slicksters
  • Pips, though you will need a wider ranch to plant trees
  • Dreckos, though the excess is best starvation-ranched in hydrogen to shear them
  • Divergents (Spaced Out), though you will probably use a wider ranch to house them with plants

Shove Voles do not need taking eggs out since they cannot be cramped.

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