Oxygen Not Included – Drecko: Dreckobox Blueprint

Drecko: Dreckobox

  • Goal: low-labor drecko stable to produce Reed Fibers and Plastic
  • Author: Ishamoridin
  • Input: Dirt for the Mealwood, dupe labor, power for the Shearing Station
  • Output: Reed Fiber, Plastic, a trickle of Phosphorite, Meat, Eggshells

If you optimize it to the maximum, a Drecko stable only needs breeders grooming and shearing of all dreckos. And since Dupes need to await Drecko at stations before starting operation, you also want to minimize Dreckos pathing.

To achieve that, first you build a pez dispenser that lets Dreckos fall either in the breeding chamber or the starvation chamber (for shearing only). Then you restrict their pathing with clever liquids positioning.

The final result is this dreckobox, the pinnacle of Drecko optimization, complete with some eggs for visual flair (the peculiar shape 2 stacked liquids take above airflow tiles):

The liquid loop is there to cool Mealwood, as the box will eat up above 30°C otherwise due to drecko spawning temperature.

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