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Red Dead Redemption 2 - All Grave Locations

Created by HarryNinetyFour   ::   Nov 4, 2018    

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All Grave Locations Guide

There are a total of 9 Graves that you need to visit in order to get 100% completion is Red Dead Redemption 2 and to get the Paying Respects achievement.

The graves will appear as you go through the story. But you need to finish the story in order to get them all. You can visit the graves as soon as you reach Epilogue 1.

None of the graves are missable and you can visit them at any time at the end of the game.

All Graves:

  • Jenny Kirk
  • Davey Callander
  • Eagle Flies
  • Arthur Morgan
  • Susan Grimshaw
  • Hosea Matthews
  • Lenny Summers
  • Kieran Duffy
  • Sean MacGuire

Created by HarryNinetyFour.