My Hero One’s Justice – Mission Mode Tips

My Hero One's Justice - Mission Mode Tips
My Hero One's Justice - Mission Mode Tips

Since so many people don’t understand how this mode works, i’m writing what I found out while playing here.

Before You Read

First thing you should do is watch the tutorial for the mode in-game.

Yeah, you read that right. Enter the mission mode and press TAB, mouse wheel or START on your xbox controller.

General Tips

Here are things that should help you understand how the mode works. I’ll update this guide if I find out anything else:

  • 1. Levels make your characters stronger. If you struggle, go level up. 
  • 2. Experience is split between all characters on your team, even if you don’t use them The character you played as gets the majority of exp. 
  • 3. You don’t have to fill all slots on your team. This will make your characters level up faster. 

Example: When i completed the first mission on map 1, with 3 level 1 characters, my main character leveled up to 2 and my other characters gained 75% of their exp bars.
When I had only 1 level 1 character in my team, she leveled up to 5 after the same mission.

  • 4. Items are usable only on the map they were acquired. Use them if you struggle. 
  • 5. In “defeat an enemy using Plus Ultra” mission, you can’t bring down enemys HP bar below 1 with normal attacks. This mission can’t be failed by accidentaly killing the enemy with something else than a Plus Ultra. 

Those missions can also be completed by insta-killing with Shigaraki (earning you a win)

  • 6. Super steak does not reduce the damage taken by “HP bar gradually/quickly depletes” missions. 
  • 7. Completing every mission besides the final mission in a map unlocks additional hidden missions with customisation items as rewards. 

Character Suggestions

This mode can be completed with any character, but some will do better where other struggle. Here are some characters that might work out for you. This will be updated if I find anything else worth mentioning.

Shigaraki Tomura

My Hero One's Justice - Mission Mode Tips

I think he’s the best character for this mode, because you don’t even have to level him up if you’re good enough. You can complete any mission easily with his insta-kill, including time-limited missions.
Even if you’re not the best in the game, he’s still a good pick up in missions with Nomus or increased enemy defence.

Shoto Todoroki

My Hero One's Justice - Mission Mode Tips

Of course he’s here. If you don’t want to get hit, play this guy and keep your distance. His ice wall blocks enemy projectiles, while his own projectiles deal decent damage. His great in missions where there are no victory conditions or survival missions. Just zone your enemy till time runs out.

Boring? Yeah. But it’s equally easy.

You can use any zoner this way really, but Shoto is the safest of them all.

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  1. How do you earn the trophy “later seems to be okay” On PS4 because I’m done with missions and it says that in oder to complete my trophy I must achieve a total character level of 500 or higher in mission mode. So plz help!!! Thx

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