Red Dead Redemption 2 – Teca Gator and Sun Gator Locations (Online)

Teca Gator and Sun Gator Locations in Red Dead Online

This Legendary Animals spawns in free roam between 9 PM and 6 M, only during thunderstorms, rain or foggy weather.

You need to track, kill, skin, study, sedate, take a sample and a photo of the animal to complete the compendium in the Animal Field Guide.

You can’t take a sample and skin the animal during the same encounter. You need to find the legendary animal a second time to complete the entries in the compendium.

Legendary Teca Gator Location

Legendary Sun Gator Location


  1. this event run not normal ! some players get it and others search hours and found nothing.. thx for so useless event rockstar !

  2. It cool and badass when they spawn but gets old after waiting for it to spawn for like 5 hours.

  3. I found the Teca the morning the update came out but I got thrown off my horse and I didn’t get the chance to recover before the fucker ate me. Haven’t seen another one since.

  4. I was just about to go to the teca gators location but then I got the icon saying there’s a legendary nearby.

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