Folklore Hunter – Night of the Wendigo Guide

Night of the Wendigo (Tips and Tricks)


Folklore hunter is about exploration and getting to know your enemy. The more you know about the Wendigo the less scary he becomes, trust me on this one! You start in your cabin, the only place where you are safe from Wendigo. You got your rifle, some ammo, 2 batteries and 1 bandage. There is some equipment around the cabin (meat, cameras and traps) so equip yourself with everything you need.

Let’s go over the items:

  • Traps can be placed on ground, they trigger when something steps on them. They main purpose is to hold the Wendigo in place for some time so you can scare him off with your gun. Traps cannot be picked up again, so be careful where you place them and how much you place. You cannot get them from crates, you only get scrap metal. Use 3 scrap metals to create 1 trap.
  • Meat supposedly lures the Wendigo towards it, but my research says otherwise. He never came to eat it, even when it was on the ground with no traps. Like traps you can’t get them from crates. Only way to get meat is to shoot the wild deer running around the forest. You get 2 meats per 1 deer.
  • Cameras can be placed everywhere on the map and can be acceses by pressing TAB. You can turn them around when viewing them and you zoom. They also have motion detectors in them so they will alert you when they see something. They also glow in the dark when placed and are showed on the map. You can use that to create markers at points of interest and the glow to set up some light when you need it.


Wolves are your daytime threat. They growl when you get near them. If you get too close they will howl, signaling their attack. If they didn’t howled they won’t attack. Wolves travel around the map in groups of 2 or 3 and take 1 bullet to be killed. They cannot be harvested for meat (might be changed in the fututre). Overall wolves are more annoying than threatening if you have atleast some aiming skill. Be carefull when shooting at them near cave entrances, Wendigo might hear the gunshots and come out after the sounds even in daylight.


The main star of the show. Wendigo is fast and hard hitting foe. He isn’t programmed to know exactly where you are.

He remembers where he saw you last and after nightfall heads there to look for you. He has some kind of totems around the map (those weird deer skull on a stick) which track your position when you come near them, so rotate them away for future trips around them. If the totem managed to get glimse of you, Wendigo will go to the last totems that saw you instead.

Wendigo leaves his cave around 7:30-8:20 PM and comes back at 6:30-7:20 AM (times may not be 100% accurate). If he doesn’t see you, he will listen for your sounds and will also use his smell to locate you.

He has good night vision but can’t see through foliage. At night when you are in the open, don’t run and definetly don’t shoot. Gunshots pretty much give him your exact location. In multiplayer, when Wendigo is chasing another player, you can shoot to make it go after you instead. 2 hits from him will kill you and you can’t outrun him.

He wanders the forest at night and stalks his cave’s tunnels at day, but will leave them if provoked.

You can hear him talking and imitating little girl’s voice. You can also hear sticks cracking and some ambient sounds may play. They might sound really close to you but they are not, he is actually pretty far away, but he is beggining to catch your tracks, so if you stay in one place he will inevitably find you. Stay as quiet as possible and try to distance yourself as fas as possible. I like to call this the calm/tracking phase. When he sees you or hears you the attack/agressive phase starts. Once this phase starts he will start running towards you and growling heavily, your character will also breathe heavily. At this point just run, place traps to stop him for a while and shoot him. 2 shoots will make him run away, but only for a while, he will resume to chase you or if you managed to run far enough, start tracking you again.

Safe Spots

If you played the game for a while, you probably know the house dissapers during the second night. So how will you hide from the Wendigo now? The answers is: SAFE STICKS. Safe sticks are all around the map. They are those weird crooked tree branches which you can climb on. Just jump on them and wait for the night to end, you can’t jump on some of them so keep that in mind. For those who are too scared to just wait in a complete darkness, just place a bunch of cameras around the safe stick, they will give you some light. Wendigo will keep running around you but on a safe stick he can’t get you, so you are completely safe.

Note: This probably isn’t intended feature, it’s more of an bug, which causes the Wendigo’s AI to become confussed and run around in a desperate way to find a way to get to the same hight as you.

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