Don’t Starve Together – Guide to Summer

Don't Starve Together - Guide to Summer
Don't Starve Together - Guide to Summer

This guide is for people who are deeling with the challenging season Summer.

Don’t Starve Together Guides:

Before You Enter Summer

By now your base should practically be complete and you should have a lot of stuff. As a refresher here are some of the things you’ll need before you enter Summer. The eyebrella protects you from the heat very well but in your first summer you’ll only have one. So if you have more than 1 person in your party then you’ll probably need some umbrellas. You should also have an ice flingomatic to douse fires started by the heat. Just make sure you only turn it on when you need to because it will douse your campfire too. You should also have an endothermic firepit so you can stay cool and so you can make your thermal stone cold.

Things to Do

Just like in winter, you may feel compelled to just stay near your endothermic fire for the whole season, but you still have stuff to do. First things first, you need to get a floral shirt. Go to the dragonfly desert and pick the cacti that should now have cactus flowers on them. Be careful though, the cactus does a small amount of damage when you pick them. Once you have enough flowers you can make the floral shirt which is the best heat resistant clothing. With the floral shirt and the eyebrella you won’t even need to worry about the heat.

Another thing that needs to be done is apeasing the antlion. The antlion will spawn in the Summer in the antlion desert, and after a few days will start causing sinkholes, which damages the player and destroys structures, and caveins in the caves, which drop boulders on top of the player. To stop the antlion you must give him junk just like the pig king every few days. If you don’t want to deal with that you can try to kill the antlion by giving it a thermal stone. Be careful though, the antlion is a difficult boss.

Thankfully, there is no giant for the Summer that will come after you. The dragonfly is the Summer giant in Don’t Starve solo but not in Don’t Starve Together. If you do end up fighting the dragonfly, know that he is one of the most difficult bosses in the game and you are thoroughly prepared for the battle. If you do end up beating the dragonfly then you can build the scaled furnace which is an infinate light and heat source. Additionally, you can also craft scaled chests which are larger than normal chests and heatproof.

Preparing for Autumn

You’ve almost finished with the hardest season and now you’ll be coming into the easiest season. There isn’t much to prepare for Autumn except for the giant: the bearger. He is pretty easy to take care of and you can figure out how to do so in my Autumn guide. Other than that you have pretty much completed your first year of Don’t Starve, congratulations.

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