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This is a guide to surviving Autumn from starting a new game to preparing for Winter and for what comes in the second Autumn.

Don’t Starve Together Guides:

The First Day

When you begin your world (as long as you didn’t change any of the settings) you will begin in Autumn. Autumn is by far the easiest season because there is only one seasonal danger of Autumn and it doen’t come until the second Autumn.

When you spawn you will be underneath the floral postern which is where all players spawn. Surrounding you will be some flowers. Don’t pick flowers. When you pick flowers you restore some sanity and you can eat the petals for 1 health per petal. But the flowers are better used for getting butterflies which their wings health you for 8 health instead. Also, insanity is not something to fear. The nightmare creatures are very easy to kite (kiting is the fighting system of Don’t Starve) and only spawn at most 2 at a time. Other than that you will also be surrounded by grass, sapplings, flint, trees, carrots, and berry bushes.

On the left side of your screen you will see your crafting menu. Simply collect the resources that you need and you can craft the item as long as you have the knowhow to do it. Make an axe and a pickaxe and chop down the trees around you. There are two kinds of trees: birchnut, which drops edible nuts, and pine or evergreen, that drop pinecones that are inedible. Do note that birchnuts are not a good source of food. Birchnut trees lose their ability to drop their nuts in the Winter and they don’t restore that many stats. Make sure you are careful when chopping a lot of trees because either a tree guard or a birchnutter will spawn and seek vengence for their fallen trees. Tree guards are easy to kite, but birchnutters are harder since you need to chop them down like a normal tree while they attack you with roots and minions. Both of these mobs yield living logs which you’ll need later.

Before you leave the starting area, make sure you have a little bit of food and a source of light so you don’t die from Charlie who kills you if you get stuck in the darkness. Scour the world looking for several things: pigmen, cave enterances, spiders, stone biomes, clockworks, MacTusk camps, the dragon fly desert (if you find spherical cacti that is the dragonfly desert, the antlion desert has stereotypical looking cacti with the “branches”), wormholes, the pig king, beefalo, swamps, and setpieces and boons (procedurally generated “landmarks” that usually have loot or a good source of a resource.) By the time you find all this it should be around day 5.

If you are feeling bold, aka actually very skilled at the game, then you can attempt a ruins rush where you go down into the ruins immediatly and get a bunch of ruins loot. I have tried this many times and have only gotten to the ancient guardian once before dying to him because I failed to get him stuck on something.

Drop the Base

After exploring most of the world and/or rushing the ruins, it’s time to set up base. While exploring you should have collected a number of things including: wood, rocks, grass, twigs, and gold. Make a firepit, which is a permanent fire that you can just add fuel to, and a science machine pretty much in the middle of all the happening I described above. As soon as you make a science machine you should already be looking for the resources to craft an alchemy engine and a pretihatitator. Once you get a prestihatitator try to get a shadow manipulator immediatly. Also, make a crockpot, an ice box, and go down into the caves to get some light bulbs for a lanturn, which is a better torch. The crockpot will allow you to make much better food. I suggest getting the mod “Craft Pot [DS, ROG, SW, DST]” to make it easier on making the food. Other than that, your basic base is complete.

Now it’s time for some food, I mean good food. Farms are not usful so don’t make them. They have one good crop and it is too expensive to get it. Instead rely on meat and berries pretty much. Make a shovel and go dig berry bushes, sapplings, and grass and plant them back at your base. The berry bushes and grass need to be fertalized so I hoped you picked up some manure and got some rot. It’s also helpful to get a bee box for honey. Just make it a bit away from your base because the bees become hostile in the spring. Lastly, find small piles of dirt and uncover them to find footprints. Follow them and you will arive at one of three things: a varg, ewkus, or a koalaphant. The koalaphant is what you want. Kill it and collect it’s delicious meat and it’s trunk. But don’t eat the trunk because that is used for Winter gear.

Know that your base is not entirely safe. Every few days hounds will attack you wherever you are in the world. Hounds are simple to kite but there are three kinds of hounds: normal, ice, and fire. Ice hounds will do ice damage to all nearby targets upon death. Fire hounds will burn everything around them upon death so lead them away from the base before killing them.

Preparing for Winter – the Second Autumn

Winter gear is pretty easy to make. You need three things: a thermal stone, a breazy vest, and a winter hat. Get the silk from killing spiders, and get the beefalo wool from shaving beefalo at night when they asleep with a razor. Alternativly, you can kill the beefalo for beefalo wool, meat, and possibly one of their horns which makes an even better hat for winter. Make sure you have a good stock of food because nothing grows in the winter.

After Winter, Spring, and Summer pass the second Autumn will come. It will be the same as the first, except a giant comes. The bearger is intimidating but not that hard to deal with. You can either kill him using kiting or lead him through a forest or a dense tree farm and have him spawn tree guards that will target him. This will give you a yield of wood, living logs, and some bearger fur tufts which can be used to make several things one of which is the most usful. The insulated pack is like an ice box on your back, but even this isn’t that usful.

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