Don’t Starve Together – Guide to Spring

Don't Starve Together - Guide to Spring
Don't Starve Together - Guide to Spring

This guide is for people who don’t know how to survive in spring.

Don’t Starve Together Guides:

Before You Enter Spring

Towards the end of Winter you will notice that birch trees are starting to grow back and the snowy turf is starting to melt. Be careful though the coldness of winter lasts for about another day so stay warm. By now you should have everything detailed in my Autumn and Winter guides as well as a few new things. Rain will be present through almost the entire season so you need to stay dry which is why you need rain gear. If you’ve killed the deerclops, then you can make the best rain hat, the eyebrella. The eyebrella protects from all rain and lightning strikes but you can only have one the first time around. Instead you can make a rain coat and rain hat. Together, the coat and hat protect againt all rain and lightning but if you don’t have enough resources then you can settle for an umbrella. Be careful though, because the umbrella doesn’t protect from lightning. The last protection you require is a lightning rod which will protect your base from lightning.

Things to Do

In every season there are things to do. Spring is no different but really all you need to do is prepare for Summer. There is one thing that is necessary for survival in all seasons however, sewing kits. Sewing kits can allow you to repair clothing items like the eyebrella, rain gear, and winter gear, so they are a must have. To have a good supply of them you need a lot of silk meaning you need lots of spiders. Webber is great for collecting silk both from his beard and from spider nests. To easily farm spider drops with Webber simply befriend a spider with monster meat and attack another spider. This will set off a chain reaction until the entire spider colony is fighting each other. From there you can pick up the mountain of droppings. Also, by now most spider nests should be 3rd tier nests. If they are destroy them and pick up the egg so you can move it closer to the base. Not too close however, you don’t want spiders attacking you every day.

There is a few things that need to be done before Summer. You should already have an ice flingomatic from winter so you are good there. The next thing you need is an endothermic firepit. The endothermic firepit is the opposit to a normal firepit. Instead of heating you up, it will cool you down. It will also cool the thermal stone so it can cool you down as you travel in the heat. Prototyping an endothermic camp fire is also a smart idea too.

New Dangers

A lot of things change in the Spring. Some neutral mobs will become hostile in the Spring like bees. All bees is Spring become killer bees and will attack players on sight. So if you have a bee box make sure it is well away from your base. The other new danger is the giant, the Moosegoose. The Moosegoose is completely optional and will not specifically seek out the player to kill them. Instead they are found near ponds where they nest with their goslings. The Moosegoose is a simple giant and easy to kite. there is one attack that you should be conserned and that is his shout attack which will knock the item in your hands out. When dead the Moosegoose drops down feathers, which are useless, and meat. The goslings drop the same but be careful when attacking them. When attacked without their parent they will summon lightning and start spinning and charging you. They are easy to kite but can take you by surprise.

The bigest threat in Spring is the rain. It is easy to combat but devestating if left alone. As your wetness increases you start losing more sanity. Eventually, your inventory gets waterlogged and food gets soggy and tools and weapons get slippery meaning they can slip frm your hand as you use them. Another threat is the frog rain. Rarely it can rain frogs which are mainly annoying and not dangerous unless in numbers. Frogs can knock items out of your inventory and have a long melee range. WX-78 has a specific trouble in this season. WX-78 gets hurt by rain and with so much rain a lot of health is going to be wasted if not properly protected. However, there is a higher chance of getting overcharged by lightning so that ‘s a plus.

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