Don’t Starve Together – Starter Guide

Basic tips to get you through the beginning of the game.

How to Start

What to Do in the Beginning + Tips

First when you spawn into your world, you will want to collect 20 cut grass and 20 twigs, pick up any flint you find and pick up any foods you find (berries, carrots, seeds, etc.). I would not recommend eating the seeds as they don’t give much hunger points and health points and you can use them on farms later on in the game.

Anyway, next you will want to make a axe (1 flint and 2 twigs) and get a stack of logs from cutting down trees, cut down the biggest trees to get the most logs and pine cones, (pine cones are used to plant trees). Next make a pickaxe (2 flint and 2 twigs) and try to mine some rocks, always mine the rocks with gold lines in them to get gold pieces that can be used for improved tools, and a science machine.

When nighttime happens, make a campfire or a torch, you will need a light source at night so you don’t get killed by Charlie, she does 75 dmg so that will kill you in 3, 2 or even 1 hit depending on what character you’re playing. Remember to stay stocked up on materials, especially cut grass, twigs, flint and logs because you will always want to be carrying them on your character. Next you will want to explore the map by walking near the coast of your world, and try to discover your Beefalo, oasis, swamp, rock biome, and pig king.

To cook your food you drag it onto a campfire or crock pot, eating cooked food is better than raw food. Food will also spoil over time, some shorter and some longer, green is fine, yellow is stale and will not give you any health benefits, and red is spoiled and will not restore much of your stats. Speaking of stats, you have health, hunger, and insanity, health is your health so if you take dmg it goes down, hunger goes down 75 points per day so always make sure you are eating. When it goes down to 0 you will lose 1 health per second then die, and insanity goes down by 20 per day and you can increase it by prototyping new items at a science or alchemy machine, picking flowers, or some foods will increase it, if it goes to 0 you won’t die but you will start seeing shadow monsters that will try to kill you.

You can build a science machine to make new items that will help you in your world, to make a science machine you will need logs, rocks, and a piece of gold, once made, go next to it and make a backpack, 3 rope, and once you have 1 rope make a spear, and once you have 2 rope make log armour, make a shovel, and a razor, and finally make 1 wood board and 1 cut stone.

Next make a hammer which does not need a science machine and hammer the science machine to get back half of the materials used for it. The shovel is used for digging up tree stumps, or you can use it to dig up used saplings and grass and then replant them, also can be used for digging up berries and replanting them. The razor is used for shaving Beefalo to make winter gear.

Base Building + Food Tips to Never Starve!

After discovering your world, make a base close to all the things I told you to find in your world, (swamp, oasis, rock biome, and Beefalo). The base should have a fire pit, a alchemy engine which is a improved science machine, some chests, 4 crock pots, two ice boxes, a lightning rod, 6 drying racks, a bird cage, and optionally some farms. Make sure to put food into the ice boxes so they don’t spoil as fast and cook recipes in the crock pot.

A great recipe which heals hunger and health is meatballs, in a crock pot, put 3 filer foods like berries or ice cubes, and put one meat item, preferably monster meat as its easy to get, and then you have meaty stew which need 3 units of any meat, and one veggie or fruit. How food units work is that recipes need a certain amount of types of foods like meatballs needs 1 meat item and then 3 filler.

Seasons and Gear

There are 4 seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Autumn has no problems to deal with aside the rare rainy day. Winter is very cold and you can freeze to death so it is good to make coats and hats to keep yourself warm for a while but you can still freeze in that gear so its good to be near a campfire every so often.

Spring is very rainy so you will need to keep yourself dry with gear like rain hats or straw hats, make sure to keep your wetness meter down too and go near fires every so often like in Winter.

In Summer you can overheat so its good to keep cool with Summer gear like a ice cube hat and other gear. I recommend doing more research on each season as I am only covering the basics to get you started and give a small introduction. For other gears use a backpack for 8 more slots in your inventory, make log armour for combat, then when the materials are available make a football helmet, it is the same as log armour except more durable and you can wear it with a backpack.

Combat Tips

Some basics of combat is you can use left click to attack, or the F key which is more efficient. Its more efficient to use the F key to attack as you can dodge with the AWSD keys when a enemy attacks, then hit them after they attack by pressing the F key which is super close to AWSD keys. In terms of weapons you will want a spear first, then a ham bat which is made with 2 meat, 2 twigs, and one pig skin, never kill pigs for pig skin its better to destroy their homes as one pig house destroyed gives 1 pig skin, and they won’t agro if you break their homes. Always wear log armour or a football helmet when fighting.

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