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Don't Starve Together - How to Play the Secret Minigame

Created by Festive Phil Swift   ::   Nov 27, 2019    

This guide will show how to play the secret minigame and get the new secret icon!

How to Get into the Minigame

  • Step #1: Go to Item Collection.
  • Step #2: Press "Trade Inn".
  • Step #3: Click on the crow on the trade machine.
  • Step #4: Play the game!

How to Play

This minigame is just candy crush, click on things with 2 matching colors next to eachother to remove it. Crows act as bridges, but you have to make a match to use them. The more icons removed, the more points you get.

The Powerups

  • CANE - Click on any icon that you want, and any icon that matches it will disappear.
  • SHOVEL - Clear a horizontal row.
  • GUNPOWDER - Clear a 3x3 space (the middle is where you click).
  • SPEAR - Break a specific icon without the need of matching.
  • SEEDS - Summon some crows (the trade inn person doesn't like that).

If you get a 10 icon match, you get a random powerup. All powerups have 3 uses (unless you get a 10 icon match and get 1 more)

How to get the secret player icon? Play the game and do good. Simple!

Created by Festive Phil Swift.