Don’t Starve Together – Lesser Known Tip Collection (for Experienced Players)

Don't Starve Together - Lesser Known Tip Collection (for Experienced Players)
Don't Starve Together - Lesser Known Tip Collection (for Experienced Players)

This guide includes lesser known tip collection for players who have some experience in Don’t Starve Together the game.

Useful Tips for Skilled Gamers

Note: Credit goes to sweetie

Character Quirks


  • Can tell the difference between glow berries and depths worms.
  • Keeps mobs befriended for much longer.
  • Lucy will teleport back to the player by replacing their current axe if she’s far away.


  • Has a hunger rate of 1.25x normal.


  • Gets hit by Charlie more quickly at night (suspicion? can anyone confirm).


  • Will eat jellybeans, eggnog, candy canes, chocolate log cakes, hot chocolate, snowflake cookies and halloween goodies too that I haven’t bothered testing.


  • Can cause other people to get hit by Charlie.
  • Has unlimited free darkness hits per night given you enter the light between hits.



  • Attack fences but do 0 damage.


  • A shaved beefalo will still drop 3 wool when killed.
  • A beefalo can be lured away from the herd by feeding it (byproduct of domestication process).
  • You can make beefalo fart if you feed them enough food (byproduct of domestication process).
  • An isolated beefalo must be domesticated fully 1x before it will begin its own herd.


  • You can spot normal bees from killer ones in spring by observing their behavior.


  • Birds starve if not fed in 5 days. A bird about to starve will remain awake at night.
  • You can awaken birds by taking them out of their cage (and putting them back in).
  • Will convert leafy meat into eggs.
  • Have a 25% chance of dropping mini guano when fed seeds.


  • You can befriend bunnymen with carrots in exchange for a sanity boost and protection.
  • Can be killed in large numbers without bunny wars by aggroing all of them at the end of the night and leading them away from their houses, causing them to fall asleep on the ground.
  • You can give pigs and bunnymen hats. To get a hat back, give them a new hat.
  • Bunnymen eat glow berries.

Depth Worms

  • Can be spotted by only woodie upon inspecting unpicked glow berries.
  • Can be easily dealt with without learning how to kite 200 at once by running while they spawn. Because they spawn one at a time and don’t venture far from, moving continuously keeps them apart.

Grass Geckos

  • Geckos return to the group. If one escapes a pen, open a door & it will walk back in.


  • Aggro onto the nearest living thing, always.
  • Are essentially impossible to defeat if you’re on a boat when they come late game??? has anyone figured out how to deal with this.


  • Lureplants are currently the only way of trashing some items.


  • Pig king accepts monster jerky, bat wings, and eggs but not frog legs.
  • You can give pigs and bunnymen hats. To get a hat back, give them a new hat.
  • Will not chop logs in caves.
  • Attack ghosts spawned from digging graves.


  • Spider queens will not despawn if there are already a number of nests around them.
  • Spiders are aggroed by Glommer but can’t successfully attack it.


  • Tallbirds kill smallbirds. Smallish Tallbirds (“teenbirds”) kill tallbirds and don’t attack players.


  • Antlion boulders can be used as unbreakable barriers against spiders and depth worms.
  • Pigs will not chop wood (since it’s dark 24/7).
  • Nightmare fissures only spawn one creature each per nightmare cycle.
  • You can put a spear & lightbulb in Hutch to turn him into Fugu Hutch or a one-man-band to make music box Hutch.
  • Splumonkeys steal from Hutch & backpacks as well as items on the ground.
  • Moggles can be refueled with glow berries.

Seasonal Events

Year of the Pig King

  • 8 Treasure Mud Pie can be used in replacement of powdercake and is superior in every aspect.

Hallowed Nights

  • Pigs will poop when given not-so-candy corn, Raisins, “Raisins”, Lava Peppers.

Winter’s Feast

  • Pigs will poop when given Eternal fruitcake, Plum Pudding, Apple Cider.
  • Deerclops can destroy campfires (but you probably knew that).
  • Wigfrid can eat snowflake cookies, chocolate logs, hot cocoa, candy canes, eggnog, and cookie crumbles.
  • You can make googly eyes by putting two deerclops eyeball decorations on a christmas planter-ed birchnut tree.
  • Eggnog is considered a meat item.
  • You can get pig belts from the Year of the Pig King event during the Winter’s Feast.
  • Eternal Fruitcake can be used in replacement of powdercake and is superior in every aspect.

The whole sleeping for presents thing, if you haven’t found that look it up and start farming them pan flutes.

Oasis lake drops baubles including the light bauble (that only Deerclops and Klaus drop otherwise.


  • You can identify disease without digging up plants. Just examine them. Or, if you harvest them, your character will automatically tell you.
  • Unfertilized tufts/saplings will “refertilize themselves” after 4 real life hours.
  • Unfertilized grass tufts can be reshoveled safely without losing the tuft.
  • Berry bushes should not be shoveled until fertilized as they’ll turn into twigs if you do.
  • Poison birchnuts are not worth it. Just don’t.
  • Besides rotting, farm veggies don’t begin to spoil until picked. This differs from crockpot goods and jerkies which begin to spoil as soon as they finish.

  • All flooring is flammable. Therefore you could theoretically use marble and other such inflammable flooring materials as fire fuel by converting them first (I wouldn’t recommend it, but you could).

  • Fires won’t break out in summer on the 1st day and last 2 days.
  • You won’t freeze on the first day of winter (unless you’re wet).
  • Nothing in the entire oasis desert (not just the green patch) burns during the summer.

  • Desert stones are unnecessary to use lazy deserters if you have a lazy deserter at both ends & a friend.
  • For an easy infinite-uses insanity station, just touch a lazy deserter a few times.
  • Sewing kits can repair thermal stones.

  • Mosquito sacks can be turned into water balloons by filling them at ponds.
  • Flowers will spawn over time, at least in certain locations (known: pig king & spawn. suspected: all grassy biomes) (This doesn’t mean picking flowers isn’t frowned upon for good reason)

  • Gates return all materials when hammered, as do signs.
  • Wooden fences can be destroyed by punching them 3x.

  • Stagehand will only follow physical fires. Hence it can be successfully evaded with a lantern or miner’s hat. Alternatively, if it has taken residence near a permanent light source, it can still be led away with a torch.
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