Cultist Simulator – The Means To Many Ends (A Compass Transmundane)

Cultist Simulator - The Means To Many Ends (A Compass Transmundane)
Cultist Simulator - The Means To Many Ends (A Compass Transmundane)

A Compass Transmundane

Note: Credit goes to dni


In life I sought to be a Door for the betterment of others. The compass that is this overview is intended to point out concepts so that you can easier get on with the ascending or whatever your black heart desires. but before we speak of discerning your desire, let us speak of heart.



It is a card. All cards are resources but perhaps none more precious than health. When we click the card we see its description, and its ‘aspects’. If the card is briefly used on a task, it will recover with a timer.

There exist square thingies (technically called Verbs). You’ll readily observe that these accept cards to do things, but this is less easier to spot right away: If something can be done, it will say so. Click on the verb, and click on the empty card slot. This will show you what kinds of things it accepts or disallows. It can care about cards by name or cards by aspects within. This is technically called a recipe. Sometimes the recipes require a certain threshhold of an aspect (too much is fine). If the recipe is valid, the text will change to help you know more. It was important to the developer that this be so.


Card Type – Aspects – Check Descriptions – Account for Timers – Find Recipes.

You will be bombarded with new minutia and lost in the many things you could do at any given moment but so long as your puzzlebrain remembers to hold sacred those 5 equally vital concepts you will be fine.

When a verb finishes doing something, it typically draws from an invisible deck uniquely for that recipe, though some recipes do not involve a deck. there is almost always no more than 1 copy of a specific card in a specific deck but the deck will invisibly refill when it needs to. So there is a cycle to things. Part of your task will be exploring what can be found where, and how to combine it. Strive to remember where to find. This will become harder when you have found the Ways, as each Way is 3 decks.

You will be safe, mostly. ish. at least you will see the dread literally amassing. The easiest way to die is through Health. Dont be afraid to exhaust it, but its possible for Health to become replaced with an Injury or Illness. one way is through starvation. You must always have a coin else youll go hungry. remain hungry for long and your Healths will get down with the sickness. run out of them and you are dead. The forever ticking clock of hunger is a verb called Time that shows you another important subtlety when clicked: Upcoming Season.


Very very important. Seasons are drawn from a deck, when the deck is empty theyll come out again in a new order. But at least youll know its probably not going to be 2 in a row of the same thing. One thing that makes it so important is Dread and Fascination, which you must learn to manage! You are the most suited to lead your cult but its still a hekkin crazy-pplz club for evil weirdos. Dread and fascination will become useful and important but too much and youll’a done gone ‘n cthulhu’d yaself. Strike when the stars are right, be observant about where certain cards come from.. and you might achieve your desires. they are the last subtlety to tell you about for now.

At Some Point

We all discover A Temptation. Sensation, Enlightenment, and Power.

Important easily overlooked fact: You can morph any into another!

But once you dedicate to one, it is your guiding goal of helpful hints and and ultimate purpose. We are also each began with a Legacy; Aspirant is the most base one but think of the others mainly as a trivial lil bonus for dieing. The DLCs each add a Legacy that can branch either into its DLC path or they can just succumb to the ol’ 3 normie temptations. should you fully complete a temptation, you will find a very special legacy awaiting in your next life..

I look forward to tales of your Knowing, friendo. I await you at the stag door.

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