Assassin’s Creed Origins – Defeat the Elephants Easy Way

Assassin's Creed Origins - Defeat the Elephants Easy Way
Assassin's Creed Origins - Defeat the Elephants Easy Way

How to Defeat the Elephants

Note: Credit goes to Mr PoopyButthole

I have around 35 hours of game play on Origins and have completed the overall story in nightmare difficulty, however as the title suggests this guide is on about how to defeat those fat elephants (all of them, 5 altogether) and earn sweet 5 ability points and have yourself among those 13.9% that has achieved “THE HARDER THEY FALL”.

Now onto the guide make sure you are at least level 38 and have pretty much of your breastplate and your stabiliser at higher levels.
There will be some specific weapon perks that will be required for this to be easy.

Weapons Required

Melee 1. Any melee weapon that has combo multiplier and health on hit perk not health on kill or health on critical. I used Sword of the Duat – the best sword in the whole game. It’s got lvl 4 combo multiplier and lvl 4 critical hit rate with health on hit perk. You can get it by killing the Gods a few times.

Melee 2. Any melee weapon that has lvl 3 or lvl 4 Adrenaline regeneration. (I had Storm Blades – Legendary dual blades that you obtain after killing Ra’s Mercy Phylake)

Bow 1. Light Bow – Spirit Catcher – You can get this legendary light bow when you complete “Light Among The Dunes” quest. you get health on hit perk as well as rate of fire and critical hit rate. It’s not a hard quest at all to complete.

Bow 2. Warrior Bow – The Fourth Plague: You can get this best warrior bow in the game by Killing the Galatian Phylake. It’s got health on hit as well as critical damage perk with max level on precision.

Shield. Make sure you use the shield that provides you most health and possibly ranged resistance perk cause the elephant riders shoot you arrows.

Now just a quick notice that you will be using bows mostly and then your melee weapon. Do not use the melee weapon that doesn’t have health on hit perk. Make sure you have all the items with those perk ready to use.

Weapon with adrenaline regen perk is for defence and offence. Health on hit to heal every time you get hit. Warrior bow increases your adrenaline bar faster than using light bow.

Game Plan

Whenever you start a fight with any of these elephants always use your warrior bow to get the adrenaline bar filled fast. 3 shots and it will be filled. you want to keep your distance and then go to your light bow to attack the elephant from distance. when ever the elephant charges toward you make sure to dodge and hit them with your melee weapon that has health on hit perk with combo multiplier, or use the SHIFT + F button to run away faster to left or right. You get arrows every time you run low so make sure to keep moving and picking them. Every time you take away 33% of the health from the elephant it gets more aggressive so be on high alert and keep pressing that dodge button whenever the elephant is near you.

There will be times when the elephant will turn back and walk away, this is the time when it will rush at you faster than normal attacks. This would be the perfect time to use your SHIFT + F and then hit it. This prevents the elephant from rushing towards you and you can dodge easily the attack from the elephant as well as the stomp. This is where your combo multiplier shines well in this fight so always be ready to dish out some flurry of your attacks but do not get too greedy.

Keep repeating this and you will finish the Elephant easy.

Side note: Whenever you fight the 2 elephant Qetesh and Resheph there will always be one of them attacking you at first while the other will stay behind and throw arrrows. kill the elephant that attacks you. then the other is really easy to kill.

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