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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 - Friendship Events Guide

Created by Reiggel   ::   Jan 14, 2020    

Friendship Events

All Friends Here!

You've seen friendship events for everyone.

Continuing from Ninja of Letters (for more info, look up the previous section), you should be close to maxing out everyone's heart meter (maxes out at 5). To acquire the missing hearts for your meter, either complete additional missions with a specific character (if they're available) or buy gifts for them; "Ninjutsu Reference Guides" for males and "Beautiful Bouquet" from Ino's Shop for females. Each gift counts for a single heart, so you can keep gifting them the same item till the meter maxes out. Character locations are static and never change throughout your run.

This is how your friendship list should look like.

When maxed out, an individual or a group can be found somewhere in one of the two villages (Hidden Leaf and Sand) standing in front of a shop or a restaurant. Interacting with each of your friends will prompt them to ask you for a meet up which will be followed up by a short dialogue scene between all present characters. Completing these side activities will award you with various support types and additional items.

Note: You can't have any of your friends on your team if you want to meet up with them.

Locations for All Friendship Events


  • Sai, Neji & Hinata
  • Hinata & Sakura
  • Tsunade


  • Rock Lee, Might Guy & Choji
  • Shino & Kankuro
  • Tsunade & Yamato


  • Kakashi & Yamato
  • Choji, Kiba & Rock Lee
  • Shikamaru, Kiba & Shino

Dumpling Shop:

  • Sakura, Ino & Tenten
  • Sai & Ino
  • Shikamaru & Temari

Sunagimo Estate (at the Hidden Sand):

  • Gaara, Kankuro & Temari
  • Might Guy & Kakashi
  • Neji, Gaara & Tenten

Once you've finished your final meetup, the achievement will unlock.

Created by Reiggel.