Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 – Boss Guide (All Bosses / S-Rank)

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 - Boss Guide (All Bosses / S-Rank)
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 - Boss Guide (All Bosses / S-Rank)

S-Rank Boss Battles

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Getting an S-rank on any mission is measured mostly by how much health (HP) you have left at the end of the match; you’re more likely to get an S-rank if you are above 80% of your base HP. There are no healing items that you can use, however, successfully chaining quick time events (QTEs) will restore some of your HP. Ninja tools and bentos can also be used to damage enemies from long range, temporarily slow them down or give you a brief stat boost (damage, defense, etc.). Keep in mind that all bosses are immune to your ultimate abilities. Beating all of these opponents shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, but you can always lower the game’s difficulty if you’re having trouble with a boss as it will not affect your overall rank. If you’ve taken too much damage to get an S-rank, simply restart the round from the pause menu and try again. If you don’t get it on your first try, you can always recover the boss battle crystal at the location where you encountered the boss the first time and retry again at Tsunade’s (Hokage’s) office.

Secret Factors

The Unknowable Moment

You’ve seen all secret factors.

Each boss battle has a secret factor that will play automatically at the end of a fight if the player has collected a specific amount of stars for each boss. This is done by successfully chaining QTEs as fast as possible in order to unlock the player character’s secret factor. You don’t have to get every single star in the mission in order to unlock its secret. Viewing all 9 of them will grant you the aforementioned achievement.

Kakashi Boss Fight

Bell-Stealing Expert

You’ve acquired S Rank in “The Bell-Stealing Drill”.

Phase 1

Kakashi’s straight forward and will rarely evade your attacks. Attack head-on and call up Sakura once or twice to quickly initiate his QTEs.

Phase 2

Hit Kakashi with a shadow clone barrage and chain your Rasengan with basic attacks. Avoid his water dragon; its spawn is clearly telegraphed and don’t forget that it’ll dive back towards you. Occasionally, he’ll spawn another water dragon or try and electrocute the entire playing field. If the latter occurs, simply stand on one of the platforms to avoid it. Once he jumps back onto his perch, use Sakura to knock him down then continue with your combo before finishing off with one more QTE sequence.

Deidara Boss Fight

Village Guardian

You’ve acquired S Rank in “Sand and Art Blast”.

Phase 1

Since Deidara opts for aerial assault, you’re gonna have to keep your distance and use your throwables (you can also power them up with your chakra) to deal minimal damage whilst avoid his attacks. Eventually, he’ll try to dive bomb you. Dodge to the side and proceed to wear him down with your basic attacks whilst chaining a jutsu. Eventually, you’ll trigger a short QTE.

Phase 2

This time around, the combat shifts to on-the-rails aerial shooter with you chasing Deidara around the Sand Village. You’re going to have to avoid incoming airborne clay bombs by dodging to the side or destroying them to gain additional chakra. Your best bet is to use charged up shots for maximum damage. On lower ground, you’ll have to avoid Deidara’s explosive mines that cause a volcanic-like eruption shortly before concluding the fight with one final QTE.

Sasori Boss Fight

At the mercy of Puppet Jutsu

You’ve acquired S Rank in “Sakura Dances”.

Phase 1

Same as the other ones, quickly wear him down before initiating a short QTE.

Phase 2

Quickly dash towards him and interact with the cord to pull him down, as indicated by the sign prompt. Once you knock him down, he’ll be stunned for several seconds, giving you enough time to get in a few hits. When he recovers, Sasori will put up a wall of puppets to prevent you from knocking him down. You can either circle around his incoming attacks till he eventually comes down to you or you can summon Chiyo to disperse his defense and pull him down again. Whichever option you choose, your second encounter with Sasori will lower his HP enough to trigger the final QTE.

Orochimaru Boss Fight

Unstoppable Rampage

You’ve acquired S Rank in “Forbidden Fury”.

Phase 1

Like the rest, try to wear down Orochimaru as quickly as possible to trigger the QTE. Avoid his head on snake attack as you cannot block it.

Phase 2

This one is basically an arcade shooter. You will have to manage shooting Orochimaru while avoiding his snake projectiles and summons. The snakes linger in the open long enough for you to gun ’em down and even if you get hit, they’ll barely scrape your HP, which can be restored later with QTEs. You can also use a charged up shot that will consume your chakra in exchange for a very powerful beam attack. Occasionally, Orochimaru will summon a giant snake that you’ll have to shoot down before it takes a decent chunk of your health. Finally, the game will shift camera angles and fire one large volley towards you before concluding the fight with a QTE.

Sasuke Boss Fight

Difference in Growth

You’ve acquired S Rank in “Showdown Between Best Friends”.

Phase 1

Wear him down to trigger the QTE, but watch out for his fireballs and substitutes.

Phase 2

The second portion of the battle continues without any drastic changes to the gameplay, with the exception of switching between past and current fights between Naruto and Sasuke. Keep in mind that pre-timeskip Naruto handles differently than timeskip Naruto and that PTS Sasuke has more aggressive attacks. Like before, simply wear him down to trigger the second QTE.

Kakuzu Boss Fight

Fourth Hokage’s Back

You’ve acquired S Rank in “Sturm und Drang”.

Phase 1

Kakuzu will constantly block your dash attacks and frequently use substitutes to get behind you, but even then his first phase isn’t too much of a hassle. Wear him down to trigger your first QTE.

Phase 2

The second phase starts with Kakuzu in his awakened state. Avoid getting caught in his combos or you’ll suffer severe damage. When you wear him down to his last two health bars, Kakuzu will wrap himself between two nearby trees with his threads and hurl long range attacks towards you. These include:

  • Three vertical air shots that travel across the ground towards you. Simply stay in between the shots to avoid them.
  • 3 to 5 individual fireballs that you’ll have to continuously dodge by jumping away at the last second
  • A downward slam from a giant whip that will later swipe towards the player. There’s a long wind up to this ability, giving you enough time to dodge to the side and later jump over it.
  • Several lines of threads that Kakuzu will bury beneath the ground to launch a surprise attack. The threads will swiftly creep towards the player before rapidly emerging from below. These attacks are telegraphed by the rising dirt and a dust cloud and can be avoided by simply circling around them.
  • His fifth and final attack consists of him combing fire and wind to create a giant beam that’ll slowly move towards Naruto’s location. To avoid it, stand on either the far left or right side of them and run in the opposite direction.

Once all of his attacks are exhausted, Kakuzu will be temporarily stunned, allowing you to dash towards the nest and pull him out of his threads in order to chain a few attacks. Once Kakuzu recovers, he’ll dash back to his threads and start chaining all the aforementioned attacks in rapid succession, excluding his giant beam, before merging back with his nest. The gameplay process, along with his attacks, keeps repeating until you wear him to a third of his last health bar, at which point the final QTE will be initiated, concluding the battle.

Itachi Boss Fight

Overflowing Hatred

You’ve acquired S Rank in “The Two Uchiha”.

Phase 1

Itachi will either block or avoid your attacks all together, as the AI tends to keep its distance. Be mindful of his substitutes, as he’ll often combo it with a throw. Throwing chakra shurikens at the AI will cause it to respond with the same attack, triggering a short optional QTE. Winning the exchange will inflict decent damage to your opponent. Once you wear him down the main QTE sequence will be triggered, moving the fight outside of the, now destroyed, Uchiha Hideout.

Phase 2

Susanoo acts independently of Itachi and will attack you regardless of Itachi’s status (i.e. stunned or knocked down). Right off the bat, you’ll have to move to the side and avoid a swing from its giant blade, then dash towards Itachi and follow it up with a quick attack. Even if Itachi’s blocking, his guard should break easily, allowing you to chain a combo and use a prompt to trigger a stun before Susanoo gets a chance to swing its blade again. Susanoo will then lower its shield to push you out of Itachi’s range and defend him against long range attacks. Pending on its sword stance, Susanoo will either hurl a storm of boulders in your direction or follow up with three consecutive sword attacks; two from top-to-bottom vertical strikes and one horizontal slash. The boulders’ locations are telegraphed by the falling shadows, allowing you to evade them ahead of time. The two sword strikes can be dodged by dashing to the side and you can avoid the horizontal slash by jumping over it. The final attack is a shockwave, generated from Susanoo’s blade after it stabs the field’s center. Like with the slash, you can simply jump over it to avoid taking damage. Attacks from this point loop until you’ve done enough damage for Itachi to trigger the final QTE.

Pain Boss Fight (as Jiraiya)

Overwhelming Sage

You’ve acquired S Rank in “Battle Between the Sage God”.

Phase 1

Stand to the side of Pain’s crab and freely spam your attacks. Keep an eye out for when it dives back underwater. Your camera will point towards the crab’s spawn point before it resurfaces and the area will be indicated with splashing water. Make sure to stand aside and avoid this attack, as the crab will fully surface and attempt to tackle Jiraiya. Continue your side attacks on the creature until Pain triggers a mini QTE. Completing it successfully will temporarily stun the crab. The pattern will keep repeating itself until Pain takes enough damage to initiate the main QTE.

Phase 2

While controlling Sage Mode Jiraiya, you’ll need to take out all 3 Pains at the same time or they’ll keep coming back with replenished health. Your best approach is to get all of their health bars as low as possible than use the two toads to stun the 3. Once they’re knocked out, you’ll need to use one final prompt to initiate the final QTE.

Pain Boss Fight (as Naruto)

Vision of a New Wind

You’ve acquired S Rank in “Earth Shatter”.

Phase 1

Pain is the only boss that you’ll have to keep an eye out for, as he will actually fight and counter your attacks. Nevertheless, it’s still relatively simple. Wear him down to initiate the first QTE.

Phase 2

Pain will summon a barrier surrounded by debris. You need to break through it with Nine Tails’ long range shots, which will stun him allowing you to get in a few powerful, close range hits. When he recovers, Pain will levitate himself on a platform above the playable area and hurl boulders at you. Like before, you need to dodge these whilst chipping away his HP with your long range shots from the distance. Once Pain’s HP is low enough, he’ll propel nearby debris into the sky, leaving it to fall your way like a meteor. The meteors’ landing locations are clearly telegraphed with large shadows and red heat markers on the ground. Simply run in circles till they appear and run towards the opposite direction. Once the meteor shower has stopped, shoot Pain a couple more times to knock him off his platform and melee him to initiate the second QTE.

Phase 3

You’ll start of with Sage Naruto (without his cloak) against an awakened Pain. Same thing applies to him as with the Phase 1 fight; watch for his attacks and don’t get caught in his combos. As you’re about to chip his second to last health bar, Pain will be stunned, allowing you to initiate a penultimate QTE. After which, your character will be swapped again to normal Naruto. Once you take out his remaining health, the final QTE will trigger, and with that, you’ve completed all of Storm 2’s boss battles.

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