Cultist Simulator – Beginner & Advanced Tips

Cultist Simulator - Beginner & Advanced Tips
Cultist Simulator - Beginner & Advanced Tips

Some tips to start up your cult, and a few things I’ve discovered in the advanced stage of the game.

Beginner Tips

First don’t mind losing your first few tries, it does get a lot of experimenting to get through the game. So down to the tips:

  • Don’t start up your cult too soon, wait until the first investigation is done at least, because otherwise you’re so screwed with the first inspector up your stuff.
  • Only notoriety matters to Inspectors, so you can gather a few members producing Mysticism and it won’t matter.
  • Cash is a problem at the beginning, but also the other aspects (Reason, Health and Passion), do focus on the first few upgrades of all three before proceeding, it makes things easier, although it’s grindy. 
  • Avoiding Dread death: when you get Despair (Dread magnet), use money to get opium dreams, it always generates Contentment this way.

To get cash:

  • Reason: Generates Office Work, you can use Reason to increase your income
  • Best Jobs: Doctor, Inspector (Although Produces Dread all the time)
  • Passion: You can use the upgraded versions of painting to get lots of cash using both Mysticism and Passion, it does not generate Notoriety this way
  • Health: It is the worst job, but it’s good to use to upgrade the first few times your health

Advanced Tips (Spoiler Alert)

Ok, so you got your cult up and running, now what?

First, try to focus on getting all the pieces of literature available at The Auction House and Book Store, and deciphering them, before running “Dungeons”, as your cultists will still be too weak, I actually prefer to stabilish the Cult after I’ve got all those pieces, so it’s safer to say that I have the best piece (Winter for example) up to level 6, it makes upgrading your followers easier.

The dangers of sending your followers to the Dungeons too early are: they die too easily, you don’t know which danger is in which, they are too weak, and it generates Dread and Notoriety when you fail.

So, now that you have all the pieces of knowledge that you could acquire through normal means, maybe you can upgrade a few followers to the status of Disciple, and that’s huge, because the maximum to get a success on missions is level 10, as a Disciple they are level 5 of their respective aspect, so a couple of them to beat a certain obstacle, makes it 100% beatable.

Thugs-to-hire: they are amazing as expendable people, both to Rites, and to send as scouts to “Dungeons”.

Rites: To summon creatures, you should already have 2-4 rites, depending on the randomized literature you bought, so you can try a few variations to get a few expendable creatures that should help you beat the “Dungeons”.

  • Winter + Moth + Knock = Lady of the Mirror
  • Forge + Chalice + Knock = Ezeem (one of the Gods)
  • Knowledge + Lantern + Knock = Library Woman (one of the Gods)

There’s a third God, and the Prophet as well, but I’m making this guide a few days after getting the ending, so I don’t remember it right now, sorry guys, do try various combinations, there’s also one to raise the Corpses to get a Zombie, although he’s very weak and disappears fast.

Avoiding minor endings:

  • Inspector: Never use Damning Evidence, or don’t use the Favor you get after arresting the Cultist.
  • Lawyer: After getting rid of the annoying boss by killing him (it makes the job easier), don’t apply Reason again, otherwise you’ll get a minor ending too.

How to Get a Good Ending

So, to get a “good ending” you need the 36th degree of an aspect, for that you should summon the God related to that aspect, get the best level lore (14th of 12th), and the best object related to the lore (12th), or try your luck through the Doors they do give 10th or 15th aspect depending on your luck.

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