Don’t Starve Together – How to Farm Things

Don't Starve Together - How to Farm Things
Don't Starve Together - How to Farm Things

You’ll have to do almost nothing to get skin in Don’t Starve Together.

  • Just play the game on your own or dedicated server (no difference).
  • Have a scientific or alchemical machine!

When a gift comes out, a notification appears on the left above, after it has appeared, you need to go to the scientific or alchemical machine and click on the notification, that’s all you have skin! All the things that you drop out appear in the inventory Steam. Skins can be sold and exchanged with other people!


Note: Credit goes to Skerkr0u

A mod that will simplify your life, since you just need to be included in the list when creating a new world and you will already have activated God mode and All recipes at once.

  • Idle Godmode [DELETED].

There is One Minus

“During the week you can get a maximum of 4 items.” Already 8 for every day and 7 for an entrance. And 1 must be Elegant quality, and 2 others – Classy or higher.” The time of the reset of the week: Friday 20:00 GMT

Item Types

Each item has a certain quality:

Common. Monochrome pants, gloves, t-shirts, plaid shirts, etc .. They have the greatest chance of falling out during the game.

Classy. Slightly different for the better from the ordinary. For example, plaid pants, a skirt, a cardigan, shoes with a short heel, gloves with buckles, boots, shirts with a tie and a vest. Fall out during the game a little less than ordinary things.

Spiffy (Fashionable). Things, the appearance of which significantly distinguishes you from other players. This color distinguishes things like long raincoats, pajamas and numerous skins of backpacks. Rarely fall during the game.

Distinguished (Refined). Often they are parts of special costumes, although there are exceptions. They can be worn by any character, but, as a rule, they are part of the costume of a particular character (these costumes can be seen in the pictures of new portraits). For example, Wilson has a red dress with a red scarf around his neck, Willow has a black dress, Wolfgang has a white dress coat with red shoulder straps, etc. (GoH) Also in this category there are skins for buildings. Very rarely fall during the game.

Elegant (Elegant). The rarest of things, have the lowest chance of falling out during the game. Items of this color are divided into two subtypes:

Console Commands

If you have any problems with the mod, here are the Console commands

God ‘mode:

  • c_godmode ()

All recipes:

  • GetPlayer (). Components.builder: GiveAllRecipes ()
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