Temtem – Adventure in the Myrisles Quest Walkthrough (Step-by-Step Guide)

Temtem - Adventure in the Myrisles Quest Walkthrough (Step-by-Step Guide)
Temtem - Adventure in the Myrisles Quest Walkthrough (Step-by-Step Guide)

Temtem Guides:

Guide to Adventure in the Myrisles Quest

How to Start

This quest starts after disembarking from the Narwhal following the events of Flight of the Narwhal.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

  1. Find Rawiri at his Dojo in Mokupuni.

    Head west, across Nanga and through The Canopath to reach Mokupuni.

  2. Go to Mokupuni and best Dojo Master Rawiri.

    Rawiri will give you a Lift key for besting him.

  3. Investigate what is going on at the Giant Banyan.

    The lift in just outside the Mokupuni Dojo a little to the west.

    Take the lift to Citerior Omninesia and work your way to the Banyan.

    Once there speak to Carlos he is hiding just outside the entrance to the Giant Banyan.

  4. Ambush the off-duty Belsotos at the pond.

    Carlos will give you a Signed authorisation.

  5. Return to the lift and take it to Ulterior Omninesia.

    Follow The Hangroad until you reach a pond, there you will find the Belsoto grunt uniform on the far side of the pond.

  6. Meet Carlos outside the Giant Banyan.

    You must be wearing the Belsoto grunt uniform to continue.

  7. Infiltrate the Giant Banyan.

    Approach the Belsoto guarding the entrance and talk to them. Battle your way through the Giant Banyan.

    Carlos will give you crystal skates for clearing out the Giant Banyan.

  8. Reach the Anak Volcano and stop the eruption.

    Head back to Ulterior Omninesia, this time you can use your crystal skates to more easily reach Anak.

  9. Put an end to Dr. Hamijo’s dastardly plan!

    Fight your way through the Anak Volcano.

    Release Anahir before leaving. He will join your party if there is room or be sent to the temdeck.

  10. Time to return to Nanga and Check on Tihani.
  11. Beat Tihani to prove your mettle.
  12. Completing the Nanga Dojo. Tihani will give you a Deendre.
  13. Fly to Kisiwa on the Narwhal.
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