Jupiter Hell – Dez’s Achievement Guide

Jupiter Hell - Dez's Achievement Guide
Jupiter Hell - Dez's Achievement Guide

Some strategies for getting tricky achievements that worked for me, in hopes that they would work for you too.

Angel of Light Travel

Also known as «Angel of No Room In Inventory», the challenge, in which you are not allowed to carry more than four items, but instead you have +20% move speed.

Class: Marine, due to the fact that we can carry at max three small medkits. We’ll need every little bit of healing we can squeeze out. You might wonder, why not just pick somebody with Scavenger and convert all the ammo you find into, say, 7.62? The answer is stupidly simple: Scavenger requires Packrat L1 for both Scout and Technician, and this perk is disabled for the challenge, so Scavenger is unavailable too. Sad but true.


  1. Hellrunner L1 – We are given +20% speed, so why not turn it into +30%?
  2. Hellrunner L2 – and then into +40%!
  3. Skilled L1 – More HP per level never hurts.
  4. Skilled L2
  5. Incoming! – It will help you a lot with armored ravagers, but you can skip it if you feel confident or take it after Whizkid L1.
  6. Reloader L1
  7. Whizkid L1 – There is usually no need to take more than one level of this: you are perfectly fine with modding chaingun with Power, Power, Accuracy; your rocket launcher can get Power, Power, Bulk; Power, Bulk, Bulk, or even Power, Bulk, Accuracy, but accuracy is usually a waste on a rocket launcher, mod your armor instead if you have one to spare.

The rest is up to you, but I’d recommend Reload Dance and maybe Steady Shot/Focused Fire.

Weapons: The trick here is to always use a weapon with currently abundant ammo. The most prominent types of ammo change over levels:

  • Callisto up to Military Barracks: 9mm pistol -> 9mm rifle using 9mm, 12ga shotgun using 12ga, .44 hunter rifle using .44
  • Valhalla Spaceport and Europa: 7.62 assault rifle using 7.62, 12ga auto/dual shotgun using 12ga, rocket launcher using rockets
  • Io and Beyond: 7.62 assault rifle using 7.62, plasma shotgun using energy cells, rocket launcher using rockets

7.62 assault rifle is better for this challenge than chaingun for one simple reason: while being inferior to the chaingun in terms of raw damage, it conserves ammunition. Assault rifle deals 10×3 = 30 damage instead of 8×5 = 40 damage, but only consumes three bullets instead of five. But still, be wary of your damage lagging behind, especially after modding: two power mods or Sustained Fire stacked twice gives (10+2)×3 = 36 damage for assault rifle and (8+2)×5 = 50 for chaingun. Also, assault rifle has 150% reload time, so don’t be too trigger happy with reloading.


  • Callisto: Military Barracks – probably the most reliable way of getting a lot of 7.62 ammo with an assault rifle. Never tank hits, kite enemies and run away instead, hide behind the cover or shoot into fog of war. .44 hunter rifle works wonders here: two hits finish off everybody you’ll encounter here. Just make sure to not rush immediately, instead shoot the door the very first tile you can see it to alert enemies so hellish soldiers start charging from safer distance.
  • Europa: Refueling Base or skip, if you don’t have enough supplies.
  • Io: Warehouse, perfect place for restocking ammo and medkits to some extent.
  • Beyond: skip. There are no ammo droppers in Limbo, and Arena is just too unpredictable.

Tactics and Notes:

Our main tactic is to run away from enemies like a sissy little girl we are. If you are on level with a lot of 9mm or 7.62 ammo (or even rockets!), maybe the best tactic would be to run away from powerful enemy so fast that he disappears in the fog of war and then blindly shoot in the spot this enemy on. You will spend a lot of ammo this way, but enemy won’t be able to retaliate at all! 7.62 assault rifle works quite good with this method due to its accuracy, but you can really even fire rockets at walls near ravagers from the distance to kill them in two shots. Again, this wastes precious bullets, so only execute this technique in levels with abundance of ammo: Callisto L2 is great for this, but not Beyond L3 with its only ammo source being three types of ravagers.

Of course, you shouldn’t run into unexplored areas unless you want to get surrounded, so it is always wise to try to explore a little bit. Always try to explore in all directions if possible to avoid nasty surprises from behind!

For the better way of dealing with turrets, see Intermission 1 below, you might need this on levels with scarce ammunition. Try to utilize your ammo best. Do not use 7.62 if you were just fighting armored ravagers: rocket launcher fills the same role as assault rifle, so swap weapons as necessary.

During your way you’ll probably find something else useful for your run, not only plain assault rifle / rocket launcher. For example, I was able to find ADV rocket launcher with toxic effect and autoloader, which doubled as a great DPS item and and as a toxic smoke generator. If you’ll ever find micro launcher or 7.62 AWP rifle, congratulations, you just won, just don’t do anything stupid and pray you won’t get too unlucky with exalted deadly fast kerberos spawning right next to the exit elevator.

Angel of Carnage

Also known as «Angel of Juggling», the challenge, in which you start with the rocket launcher, is only able to use rocket launchers throughout the game (no grenades for you too!) and all the ammo you find gets converted into rockets.

Class: Scout, for both Juggler and Hellrunner talents.


  1. Hellrunner L1 – Can be replaced with Skilled L1 if you prefer this way of running away from problems.
  2. Hellrunner L2 – Again, replace with Skilled L2 if you want to.
  3. Skilled L1 – or Hellrunner L1.
  4. Juggler – approximately here we shall get the second rocket launcher for our second arm.
  5. Gun Hoarder – for the third rocket launcher for our third arm.
  6. Skilled L2 – or Hellrunner L2.
  7. Whizkid L1

The rest is up to you, but I’d recommend Second Wind just in case, Dodgemaster to strengthen Hellrunner perk line and Running as an another means of escape.

Weapons: Rocket launchers all the way! It is best to mod first rocket launcher with two power mods and one accuracy mod so it would be able to one-shot 60+ HP enemies with a direct hit. Bulk mods are better left to the armor, because if three shots are not enough for you, then you are probably doing something wrong. However, if you have excess bulk mods, mod the last rocket launcher with them in hopes of adding some safety margin to the final battle.


  • Callisto: Military Barracks – again, probably the most reliable way of getting a second rocket launcher early on. Kite enemies, run away, fire at walls near them, ???, PROFIT!
  • Europa: Europa Dig Zone -> Tyre Outpost. In hopes of finding good armor and the Micro Launcher, which is highly unlikely though.
  • Io: Io Warehouse – lots and lots of rockets for free, and a nifty chance of getting mods. Io Black Site -> Black Site Vaults may be worth it too, but only if you have some red keycards in your disposal or around maybe 70 rockets: doors take five to six rockets each. Besides, Io Black Site is just simply hard and can sometimes be claustrophobic, which is not something you want if playing in Quake’s Deathmatch style.
  • Beyond: Limbo if you have 40+ rockets; otherwise, skip.

Tactics and Notes:

You are not allowed to carry other types of ammunition, so be sure to carry as many rockets as you can. Start ditching rockets only if you have more than 60: you’ll need them all for the final levels.

While drones die in one shot, be afraid of any type of large bots. Our damage is splash, and splash is halved vs. them! The fact that you can’t carry EMP grenades doesn’t help either.

Our tactic is, again, running away from enemies and shooting them blindly as soon as they disappear from sight. But now it has a twist: now we can shoot a wall near the enemy to deal a lot of splash damage. Most enemies die in two such splashes anyway. Nevertheless, you’ll have to master the skill of wall-shooting. You can’t shoot at the floor, sadly, but you can shoot at props too (crates, boxes, explosive barrels etc): utilize this whenever possible, especially in earlier levels. Medical/technical stations are «transparent» though. By the way, shooting two tiles diagonally is perfectly safe.

Intermission 1: Turret Waltz

There were turrets in the base. He didn’t see them, but had expected them now for years.

The usual way of dealing with turret is to step into its range and fire, if you are sure that you can destroy it in one shot. If not, then to step out of its range, soften it up from the distance using manual targeting mode from outside the fog of war and then finish it off. However, there are two and a half challenges – Angel of Light Travel and Angel of Shotgunnery, maybe ironically Angel of Impatience – in which this is not the way we want to deal with those horrible things. For this to work, you need at least Hellrunner L2 perk, L1 is very unreliable; on Angel of Light Travel this technique would work without Hellrunner due to +20% speed bonus.

So, you spotted a turret. Run away from it one tile out of its reach, wait for one turn and run back. Alternatively, run two tiles out and two tiles back; this version is known as Turret March. Listen closely (turning down music to 50% helps): turret may beep or remain silent. In case if it beeps, just repeat walking/waiting again until it is silent. If it is silent, you have one free turn of attack, then rinse and repeat if necessary. This way, you can slowly wear it down even with a shotgun, just avoid using double barrel due to its short range.

It works because turret activation is 100% time action, and your move action takes 80% time. If you caught a beginning of a new turn, turret activates only after 20% time, and you can utilize this for one free shot. However, be wary that this tactic might backfire: after activation, turret requires 100% time to deactivate if you are out of range, and if you got back for one step without waiting, it is possible that it would still be active and fire at you immediately! So, either waltz (one step + wait + one step) or march (two steps + two steps), one step + one step is not enough.

Of course, if there are enemies nearby, you probably want to deal with them first, because this technique consumes many many turns.

Angel of Shotgunnery

Also known as «Angel of Turret Syndrome», the challenge, in which you start with a shotgun and three EMP grenades, can only use shotguns and grenades, and all the ammo except energy cells turns into 12ga shells.

Class: Scout, the choice may be not quite obvious at the start, but it turns out that there is not much of a choice. Marine has a long way to the first «good» skill (Reload Dance can only be picked up on level 4 if you are beelining), and Technician, while having a lot of advantages including quick grenade toss, has one fatal flaw: no Hellrunner, and boy (or gal?), it is absolutely crucial for this challenge. But the real deal behind the Scout class is the fact that it is the only class which can outplay Valhalla Terminal with unmatched finesse and grace.


  1. Juggler – Very useful. Pick a second 12ga shotgun in Callisto L1 and, instead of reloading, just switch to the second shotgun. This way, we’ll be able to use only 25% time instead of 100% for reloading (60% after Reloading perks), and two shots are enough for almost everything at this stage.
  2. Hellrunner L1 – Running fast is crucial in this challenge.
  3. Hellrunner L2 – Get before the first turret for waltzing.
  4. Running – Not completely necessary, but if you get this before Callisto Anomaly, which is not guaranteed, you’ll have an easier time here.
  5. Dodgemaster
  6. Reloader L1 – Getting ready for Io
  7. Reloader L2
  8. Shottyman – To make sure that our plasma shotgun we found on Io is always loaded. Absolutely required for the final boss.

The rest is up to you, but you probably want Skilled too, and Second Wind is one talent away from you. Gun Hoarder is not critical with those perks, I was able to finish the challenge with two shotguns, but if you want to, then why not? Might be worth taking if you found 12ga jackhammer, which is perfect for tough encounters if only not its huge ammo consumption. Also take note that we are not using Whizkid, so Gun Hoarder might come in handy due to this too if you really need to install a second accuracy pack on your favorite shotgun to show off your love for NieR: Automata, but I bet you’ll have barely moddable blue ADV shotgun by the moment in your possessions.

In theory, there is another way: find 12ga auto shotgun, get to Whizkid L2 and mod it three times with accuracy mods to gain completely insane use time and annihilate things. However, this plan has an obvious drawback: what if you won’t be able to find three accuracy packs?

Weapons: Two shotguns, obviously. In first slot you want something powerful, in second – probably semi-auto for turret waltzing; before Callisto Anomaly you are stuck with two plain 12ga shotguns though. On Io, replace one of your shotguns with plasma shotgun for better ammo utilization and to finally start tearing down robots: plasma has its own type of damage, which is, unlike splash, is not halved against armor.


  • Callisto: Callisto Mines -> Callisto Anomaly. Simply because I have never seen any bot in Callisto Mines. If your game spawned Valhalla Terminal on Callisto L2, which goes into Valhalla Command, which is, in turn, a tough trial for even prepared character and is a death sentence for shotgunner, you are unlucky: go though Callisto L3 instead and use EMP grenade on a security bot after luring it in the doorway if you encounter it. Callisto Mines are not a cakewalk either due to its vast landscapes, but at least you won’t encounter security bots here. Callisto Anomaly is special: there is no way you’ll be able to beat it without spending a ton of medkits, but is it really necessary? Just scout upper and lower parts of the «mainland» without getting into it, evaluate the items you see there, snatch the item at the very bottom of the inverted pentagram (you won’t aggro anybody this way) and then run from bottom to top on either left side or right side. Running talent helps here, but you ultimately want enough points for your class talent to activate stealth after things get edgy, and yes, they will. Basically, you only want a shotgun, which is for whatever reasons is present here almost always. Blue utility items is most probably trash, but if you get +30% shotgun damage, this run is golden; so get it if it is on your way! Last but not least: if you have less than 25 class power though, you won’t make it. In this case, only snatch the bottom item and safely go away.
  • Valhalla Spaceport: Worth mentioning. As a Scout, you’ll see an exit in the minimap, so scout two other buildings first. If you see bots here, either stun them with EMP grenade in the doorway or run away. Get your class power to 25 points during explorations. Approach spaceport carefully, try to pick the shortest path to the dropship, make sure that nothing would block your path and then run. Of course, both Running talent and stealth work perfectly.
  • Europa: Conamara Chaos Biolabs -> Containment Area. You probably already understood the strategy for Containment Area. If not, I have one word for you: run. Steal items you want and run! Open a chest on the way to replenish stealth if you need to. Fighting here is ill-advised too.
  • Io: Io Warehouse. Black Site has a ton of turrets and locked doors, and CRI Laboratory is a personification of Shottyman’s Death.
  • Beyond: skip, don’t waste bullets and plasma here, they are super hard to come by at this stage of the game.

Tactics and Notes:

Our main technique would be kiting enemies to the doorways and (preferably) one-shooting them with a shotgun as soon as they appear.
Of course, not every enemy can be one-shot and even two-shot, so sometimes you want to soften the enemy a little bit from farther away from the cover, get behind the line of sight, reload, jump again so you can see the enemy and repeat. This way, you’ll get both cover bonus and dodge bonus.

Don’t be afraid to spend your EMP grenades at the beginning: remember that Scout has a way of going through the probably only choke point in the game, Valhalla Spaceport, using his stealth ability. You’ll need 2 EMPs at max in Spaceport, but it might happen that you won’t use any of those here. When you get to the Io, you’ll get your plasma shotgun anyway, which would deal with bots anyway.

Turret waltz is our only technique to deal with the turrets (that is, without spending an obscene amounts of valuable ammunition).
Do not forget to bring some krak grenades to the ultimate showdown: they will come in handy.

Angel of Confidence

Also known as «Angel of Reset», the challenge, in which you start on Europa L1 with 9mm auto rifle and three additional medkits.

Class: Marine, this was an incredibly tough choice. Technician can be extremely great here due to its accuracy mod pack, which you can install on your 9mm rifle right from the start and then move it to chaingun, and also due to the useful early perks (Juggler on level 2, Hunker Down on level 4 and Incoming on level 5). But… Technicial just does not work due to zero escape options. CRI phase kit isn’t that abundant, and without it you are only left with two options: using smoke class power and/or smoke/gas grenades, which does not work well against late game exalted enemies, or facetanking, which does not work either due to Technician’s bad survivability. So, basically, if there is an exalted fast kerberos spawned right near the door, you can basically type «gg», while as the Marine you can at least try to facetank it or try to run away to the exit. Two only Tech’s survivability perks except for Hunker Down are Field Medic, requiring pretty useless Extra Batteries L2 talent, and Tinkerer, requiring Whizkid L2, which is probably an overkill and won’t help you at all after Beyond L1. I was able to get to the Summoner as the Technician once, but with really low HP I was pretty much doomed even with the large medkit lying there. However, I am not saying that it is impossible as the Technicial though…


  1. Hellrunner L1 – The only way to survive for you at the beginning is to run from anything like crazy!
  2. Hellrunner L2
  3. Incoming! – The earliest we can get this to fend off explosions from armored ravagers and soldiers with rocket launchers.
  4. Skilled L1
  5. Skilled L2

The rest is up to you, but I’d recommend Reloader L1 -> Whizkid L1 to mod your chaingun to P2A.

Weapons: just try to get the chaingun and the rocket launcher as soon as possible.


  • Europa: Europa Dig Zone -> Tyre Outpost, we want to get as much shiny things as we can during our early game.
  • Io: Io Black Site -> Io Vaults.
  • Beyond: Limbo

Tactics and Notes:

Not much to say here. Experience from Callisto isn’t that large, so at the end you will probably get one less level than your average game, and when you reach to Europa Central Dig, you probably won’t see any difference from your typical playthrough. The real trick is to survive Europa.

For quite a lot of times Europa L1 is so difficult that you simply won’t have any chance of surviving the very first room. Just be patient and do not be afraid of restarting at the beginning: your game is 25% shorter anyway.

Also, armor is very important in this challenge for obvious reasons. Do not turn off your paranoia mode until you found at least blue armor.

Intermission 2: Dealing with The Summoner

Its a good day to do what has to be done by me and use my rocket launcher to defeat the enemys…

Dealing with The Summoner on Hard difficulty is, well, not a trivial task by itself, and it is made even harder by any challenge (except for maybe Angel of Confidence). The fight consists of three stages: in first stage, he’ll summon Reavers; in second stage it is Toxic Reavers; in third stage it is Archreavers. After some summoning he’ll start closing in into melee range, and getting hugged by Summoner is the last thing you want: he deals insane amounts of damage up close. In contrast, even Archreavers do not deal as much, especially if your armor is power modded and is in good condition.

The only strategy which works for me with relative success is very simple: discharge the most powerful gun(s) you have — most likely the rocket launcher — as soon as you see him, switching to shotgun to deal with the fauna when he teleports away. You are not allowed to waste time though: each turn spent makes him regenerate, so you want to kill those guys as soon as possible, or even simply outrun them while throwing smoke/gas grenade; I have not tested grenade strategy though. Ignore hits from reavers even if they are right next to you: trust me, it is better to tank two or three hits rather than to deal with closing-in Summoner!

Just move forwards when he is gone, north or south if he is still here; moving backwards is reserved only if you can reload your weapon on the go and he is closing in.

Rocket launcher is probably the best weapon to deal with the Summoner for one simple reason: if he summons something right next to him, you can still deal damage by targeting this summon. In case if something is summoned right near your face, just go north or south: this enemy will stay still and attack you diagonally, while you get the line of sight you desperately need.

If you ever found such weapons as micro launcher, ADV rocket launcher with autoloader or AWP long rifle, please keep them. They are godly against The Summoner; take note though that AWP has 150% fire time and don’t be surprised than enemies move faster than you’re used to. Shotgun with autoloader helps too if you are playing as the Marine who has no way of reloading it on the move without killing anybody.

One very important tip: this is not a real-time game. This can’t be stressed enough. If you think that you are in the bad situation, do not make a next move in hopes that it might be lucky. Think. There might be a better way! Trying to run away is futule: Summoner has the same speed as the player with Hellrunner L2, unless you are Scout and use Running perk, or Angel of Light Travel with +20% speed bonus on top of L2 Hellrunner. Instead, consider the following:

  • Check your active skills. Scout’s Running will come in handy, as well as Marine’s Adrenaline. Do not dismiss skills like Shredder: flat +20% to damage is something to be respected.
  • Open your inventory. Do you remember that military stimpack not only heals you fully (unless you are Angel of Vampirism), but also grants «Stimmed» buff, removes pain (caution if you are Marine), restores your resource bar and resets all your cooldowns, including Running? This might save your life if you are Angel of Carnage and The Summoner is closing the gap. Second Wind is the only exception though: if you ever used it, military stimpack won’t help. As a drawback, military stimpack removes 5 max HP, but it obviously does not matter because you’ll win in a couple of turns anyway.
  • One krak grenade deals good damage and can be thrown near him almost always unless you are completely surrounded. Are you playing as the Marine with Reload Dance skill, having your rocket launcher unloaded and there is a wounded enemy right next to The Summoner? Kill it with krak grenade, this will reload your weapon too!
  • Scout and Technician with Shottyman would reload shotguns on the move. If Summoner starts closing in, back away, shoot, repeat.
  • Sometimes the only real way is to just cross your fingers and pray. Please, do this if and only if all else fails.

Angel of Vampirism

Also known as «Angel of Speedrunning», the challenge, in which medkits do not heal you at all, and instead you gain health by defeating enemies. In addition, health steadily decreases: if your HP is greater than 25, you lose 1 HP per combined 300% actions.

Class: Marine, obviously, the only class which can self-heal without medkits.


  1. Hellrunner L1 – This skill not only increases your survivability, but also makes your movements quicker, so you’ll lose less HP during the move. Yay!
  2. Hellrunner L2
  3. Skilled L1 – You will finish each level without full HP for sure, so additional 5 HP per level of this skill would never hurt.
  4. Skilled L2
  5. Incoming! – The earliest we can use this to fend off explosions from armored ravagers and soldiers with rocket launchers.
  6. Reloader L1 – To gain access to Whizkid; also, to cut reloading time a little bit, and time is health, literally.
  7. Whizkid L1 – As usual, to allow double weapon modding.
  8. Reloader L2
  9. Reload Dance – To omit reloading time altogether in most situations.

One note: under no circumstances pick Furious. On Hard difficulty, you need 35 points of Fury to activate Adrenaline; Furious L1+L2 extends your bar from 40 (one Adrenaline) to 60 (one Adrenaline). While there might be some use of that during the gameplay, it won’t help you during the final showdown at all!


  • Callisto: Skip – even Military Barracks are too risky due to its long hallways and enemies that hurt a lot.
  • Europa: Skip
  • Io: Io Warehouse
  • Beyond: Skip

Tactics and Notes:

This is by far the hardest challenge, even the Angel of Impatience is easier. Here, you are not allowed to waste time on any level (unless you are already down to 25 HP) and always have to be on the go. Your task is to balance out HP loss and careful movement. Remember that it is better to lose 3 HP due to the waiting than 10 HP due to the enemy shot. This is especially true for later levels: tough enemies give much more HP than early-game soldiers.

Of course, turret waltz is not advised, just weaken turrets from beyond their range and then finish them off. Bots, drones and turrets give you health too, by the way.

Do not finish off enemies if they are far away, and do not explore the level after you are done (again, unless you have 25 HP or close to it, in which cases exploration won’t hurt). Basically, in the early game you only really want to get those:

  • Yellow crate on Callisto L2 for armor
  • Medkit station on Callisto L4 (all stations should be used to Increase Health, the rest does nothing to you!)
  • Technical station on Europa L2

Not sure if aforementioned things are guaranteed, but they seem to be almost guaranteed at least.

Final boss is a gamble, because you have to defeat it in one health bar. Health from reavers is not very helpful due to its minuscule amounts, but keep an eye on Pain modifier to heal yourself once per battle via Adrenaline if things get edgy.

Naming your character Cheese666 or Kosmicd666 presumably helps.

Angel of Impatience

Also known as «Angel of Slowrunning», the challenge, in which you can not pick up any consumable (e.g. medkits, CRI phase kits, mod packs etc) from the ground except for grenades.

Class: Marine, obviously, the only class which can self-heal without medkits. But wait, there’s more! Open Marine’s starting inventory and check out his warez. He starts with one perfectly working small medkit in the inventory! Save this one for the Christmas… I mean, for the final boss.


  1. Hellrunner L1 – Basically, we are going the same route as the Angel of Vampirism: those challenges are quite similar. Everything which boosts up our survivability.
  2. Hellrunner L2
  3. Skilled L1
  4. Skilled L2
  5. Incoming!
  6. Reloader L1
  7. Whizkid L1


  • Callisto: Military Barracks – be super careful here though, there are no medkits available on this level at all.
  • Europa: Europa Dig Zone -> Tyre Outpost
  • Io: Io Warehouse; you can also go through Io Black Site -> Io Vaults if you are feeling confident and have a lot of stockpiled ammo in your backpack. However, most likely you won’t have much ammo though.
  • Beyond: Skip

Tactics and Notes:

Despite the fact that this challenge is marked as HARD, I’d recommend going for it before the Angel of Vampirism, because here you will be at least able to scavenge after the last enemy has fallen. The one and only tactic here is to be extremely cautious. In Callisto L1, you’ll be able to recover 90 HP (40+40 from two small medkits, 10 from Marine’s class power), but in average you should think about spending only 50 HP per level at max, 60 HP after Skilled L2. The less HP you lose, the better: some levels have medical station instead of small medkit, which ideally should be used to increase health (adds 5 HP to your current HP, 26 HP in total if you are Skilled L2 and willing to use Adrenaline), but don’t get too greedy and heal instead if you are low on HP. If you are really unlucky, you might find a military stimpack. -5 max HP would hurt in the long run, so use it only if you are really desperate.

Turret waltzing is necessary if you are not sure that you can destroy the turret in one shot. Run away from your enemies and shoot them blindly to weaken them without retaliation; Military Barracks should be the culmination of this technique and one of the hardest things in your playthrough due to the fact that Callisto L4 has medical station in place of a red crate. Remember, bullets are cheaper than your health, especially if you are using .44 hunter rifle for the Barracks: it is probably the last time .44 ammo would be useful for you anyway, so put it to a good use.

Beyond L3 is different because it has no medkits, but you’ll find a guaranteed large medkit in Precipice of Defeat, so you can be a little more aggressive here if you want to. The key words are «a little more»: don’t spoil your armor with excessive levels of excitement.

Do not forget to use your small medkit in Precipice of Defeat between final boss stages, most likely before the last stage.


I knew who thou were all along. Now I shall gib thee all!

Ultra-Violence is a difficulty harder than hard, and you are expected to die a lot, especially on earlier stages. If only you’ve had a better weapon at the start, such as the rocket launcher…

Wait a second. You can get this achievement by playing Angel of Carnage on Ultra-Violence.

I am not sure if that’s easier, but it is certainly a lot of FUN! Follow the guidelines described above in respective section of the guide, just be even more careful.

Europa Central Dig is a major roadblock now though, you should probably cross your fingers and pray that it won’t get too cramped here. One trick though: if you are leaving Tyre Outpost and still have Running skill here, activate it right before entering the elevator. The same goes for Stealth if your class bar is overflowing. This usually does not help at all, but this level is an obvious exception.

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