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Temtem - How to Level Your Temtems

Created by Radioactive_ Pandaa   ::   Jan 24, 2020    

Temtem Guides:

This guide will help you find items to help you Level your TemTems!

Where to Get Cowards Cloak and Lure

What you Need:

  • Surfboard: Surf on water!
  • Cowards Cloak: Allows your TemTem to gain experiance without being in active battle.
  • Lure: Equipped Temtem will be the focus of all attacks in wild encounters.

How to get them:

  • Surfboard: Complete the First Steps quest after defeating Sophia at the Arissola Dojo.

    Cowards Cloak: Obtain a surfboard and then go to Windward Fort, Go to where Sophia was caged. Now surf on the water and go left through the tunnel, surf towards the spiral and keep going till you reach the inner part, you'll see a item box for you to open.

  • Lure: Reward from Travel Writer after describing Deniz.

Now go out there and get leveling!

Game:   Temtem