Temtem – The Flywalk Route Guide (Map, Chests, Items)

Temtem - The Flywalk Route Guide (Map
Temtem - The Flywalk Route Guide (Map

Temtem Guides:

Welcome to The Flywalk. This area of Citerior Omninesia is best described by its name: a series of bridges and pathways that float high in the sky, giving you the illusion that your walking on the sky.

The Flywalk Complete Guide

When you get off the elevator that took you to Citerior Omninesia, head south and follow the path around. We’re going to explore the southeast section of the map to clear that area before we continue on. As you follow the path, you’ll be spotted by a tamer. Defeat them and continue toward the southeast corner of the map.

As you reach the dead-end platform, an NPC there will tell you that this is a work-in-progress area. So, head back east and let’s continue tackling the left side of this map. Take the first pathway on your left — it zig-zags down to a tamer you have to fight.

Keep going south and you’ll reach some patches of grass and some water. Swim left across the water, fight the two tamers waiting for you and continue leftward. If you’re interested in catching Babawa and Pewki here, hang around the water until a random encounter occurs. Spriole and Laoli can be found in the nearby grass.

When you continue left along the pathway, you’ll eventually reach a vertical patch of grass with two tamers waiting to battle you. Defeat them and continue north along the path. Follow the path through the patches of grass and fight another pair of tamers.

If you continue along the path and down, there’s a short pathway that goes right and down. Take it, fight the tamer on the bench and then open the chest for 3 Balm+.

Return to the previous platform and take the northwest path. This will begin our journey back to the start of the Flywalk to ensure we’ve covered all bases. As you follow this path, you’ll find a chest with 2 Tonic+ inside.

Head inside the nearby house to find the Omninesian celebrity the Paparazzo task has you looking for. You can choose to either help her or help the paparazzi NPC. No matter which option you choose, the next step in your sidequest is “Talk to Paparazzo.”

Just outside this house is an NPC with an exclamation mark above their head. Talk to this person to find an artist for the side quest Better Future. After talking with her, that will advance the side quest to its next step: “Return to Pasiphae’s house and tell Ariadne.”

Continue right as we wrap around to the beginning of the Flywalk and enter the house to talk to some filmmaker NPCs. There isn’t much else to do other than learn about their respective jobs. Exit the house when you’re ready and continue right. Fight the tamer blocking your way and walk past the ice sliding area.

You’ve made it back to the beginning of the Flywalk. We recommend heading to Mokupuni using the elevator for a refresh at the Temporium. We returned to Mokupuni to refresh our squad and talk to the paparazzi just a few steps away from the Temporium. If you talk to him, you can either tell him where the celebrity is or lie. We lied to protect the celebrity. We got a Pillow as a reward.

Once you’re ready, go back through the path we just finished and instead of taking that northwest pathway after the NPC on the bench, take the southwest path.

Down here is a medium-sized patch of grass and two separate tamers to fight. Defeat them and continue along the path. You’ll reach a scenic vista with two NPCs on their honeymoon.

Continue along the path and head down the rampway until you reach what appears to be the Giant Banyan. Talk to private detective Carlos (he’s on the left) to receive the Signed Authorization. Then, head to the three Belsoto Clan members blocking the way forward. You’ll realize that you can’t progress and instead, need to actually follow Carlos’ plan.

You can use the Signed Authorization to take the elevator to the Ulterior Omninesia where you’ll be able to ambush the Belsoto Clan inside the Giant Banyan.


  • 3x Balm+ (In an itembox next to Pua).
  • 2x Tonic+ (In an itembox next to Ara).
  • 2x Nanto Blue Dye (in an itembox next to Lau).

Map of The Flywalk

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