Temtem – A Better Future Side Quest Guide (Asterion, Ariadne)

Temtem - A Better Future Side Quest Guide (Phaedra
Temtem - A Better Future Side Quest Guide (Phaedra

Temtem Guides:

This is a long side quest involving 3 other sub-quests.

A Better Future Side Quest Walkthrough

Let’s Get Started

For starting A Better Future Side Quest speaks with Minos in the far south of the Sillaro River.


  1. Ask Pasiphae at her Turquesa townhouse.
  2. Go inside the building on the island and talk to each of the children before speaking with Pasiphae.
  3. Each Child (Phaedra, Asterion, Ariadne) has their own side quest.

A Better Future Side Quest: Asterion

At start talk to Asterion at his house in the Sillaro River.

  1. Ask Adia Turay to help Asterion.
    Adia is at the Airship Terminal in Arissola.
  2. Return to Pasiphae’s and tell Asterion the good news.
  3. Check on Asterion aboard the Narwhal.


You will need to complete First Steps and board the Narwhal. Asterion is at the end of the hall to the left after leaving your cabin.

If you choose not to accept the Pansuns, he will give you a level 15 Pewki with 3 perfect SVs which evolves after 1 level.

A Better Future Side Quest: Ariadne

For starting speak with Ariadne at her house far to the south in the Sillaro River.

  1. Find Ara in Omninesia and ask her to mentor Ariadne.
    Ara can be found in The Flywalk outside painting by the house with Visesia.
  2. Return to Pasiphae’s house and tell Ariadne.
    You will get 1000 pansuns for letting Ariadne know to meet Ara in Kisiwa.
  3. Visit Ara and Ariadne in Kisiwa.
    You cannot complete this step in the current version of the game (Alpha 0.3.7).
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