Temtem – First Aid Walkthrough Guide

Temtem - First Aid Walkthrough Guide
Temtem - First Aid Walkthrough Guide

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This guide contains all info about First Aid quest.

Complete Guide  to First Aid Quest

Let’s Get Started

Go to the Quetzal Temporium and talk to the vendor. Select the “I need medicines!” option and then select the option that says you need medicine for humans. The vendor will give you medicine.

Now you need to take it to Octlana. Go to the orange sun-like symbol in the red haze of Tucma. It’s in the screenshot below:

Talk to the person here, give them the first aid, and they’ll give you the technique Held Anger as a reward. They’ll also ask you to tell Izel in western Quetzal that they’re fine. This is technically a side quest called Find Kemal, but it’s worth completing as they’ll give you a Squeezer item amongst other things.

Izel can be found in the first house of Quetzal when you enter the city from the western entrance.

After talking to them, you’ll need to go to the Jaguar Lounge in town. It’s the rightmost building on the eastern side of Quetzal.

Once inside, talk to the owner. Your conversation will end with them suggesting you talk to Jimena. Follow this chain of events (you’ll just be talking to people in the lounge) until you’re tasked with visiting Manki at his house.

His house is the southernmost house of Quetzal. Go to the orange arrow on the map below:

Talk to Manki, then Kemal and then Manki again to find another way to Kisiwa. With that done, you’ve completed the First Aid quest. At this point, you need to finish the Beached Narwhal and Free Matthew quests to continue the main quest.

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