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Temtem - Flight of the Narwhal Quest Walkthrough (Complete Guide)

Jan 25, 2020    

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This quest is received automatically upon completion of First Steps after your rematch with Max at the Airship Terminal in Arissola.

How to Complete Flight of the Narwhal Quest

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

  1. Talk to captain Adia Turay (You can find Adia on the top deck of the Narwhal).
  2. Ask navigator Kemal for those charts (Head back inside the Narwhal and enter the door with a sextant marker in front of it. Kemal is inside).
  3. Get Kemal a cup of coffee (Leave the room and go back down the first flight of stairs. The kitchen is down the far right of the hallway, past your cabin. Talk with the Sous-chef).
  4. Bring that hot caffeine to Kemal (Return to Kemal).
  5. Make sure the captain gets the charts (Return to Adia on the top deck).
  6. Let Adia Turay know when you're ready to land (Finish any business you have aboard the Narwhal and speak to Adia to land in Nanga).

Important: You currently cannot re-board the Narwhal. You may talk to Agustin to travel between Deniz and Omninesia. This will transport you between the airship terminals but will not allow you to explore the Narwhal further. (Alpha 0.2.7)

Game:   Temtem