Temtem – Giant Banyan Landmark Guide (Chests and Items)

Temtem - Giant Banyan Landmark Guide (Chests and Items)
Temtem - Giant Banyan Landmark Guide (Chests and Items)

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Giant Banyan is a landmark in Omninesia after completing The Hangroad. You are able to re-enter the area after defeating Dr. Hamijo for the first time in Anak Volcano.

Giant Banyan Complete Guide

Once you’ve made it back to the Giant Banyan entrance, talk to Carlos and he’ll tell you to equip the Belsoto Clan uniform. To do this, press ESC to pull up the menu, select the Customize option and then go to your sets. You should see the Belsoto Clan set. Select it and click equip to don the uniform.

Now, go talk to the Belsoto Clan members blocking the Giant Banyan entrance and they should let you through.

Now, the Giant Banyan is a giant fortress that the Belsotos have claimed as theirs. It spirals downwards and it’s filled with tamers for you to fight so be prepared. Before you begin this perilous journey, make sure your Temessence Vial is filled and your backpack is stocked with items that will help you in a pinch. When you’re ready, fight your first pair of tamers on the spiral pathway.

There are three more pairs of tamers to fight along the spiral pathway before you can go downstairs to the next floor.

Defeat them and check out the shelf to the left to find three chests. The following items are inside those three chests: 2 Tonic+, 2 Revive, and 2 Balm+.

When you’re ready to proceed, head down the stairs to the next floor of the Giant Banyan. Follow the spiral path and two Belsoto Clan members will mistake you for their friend Karl (you’re wearing Karl’s uniform). You’ll have to fight them to proceed.

After this fight, walk ahead a few steps and fight the Belsoto Lieutenant.

After you defeat her, you’ll be escorted out of the Giant Banyan by Carlos. He tells you that he has to go back to Nanga and must leave immediately. He doesn’t leave before giving you Crystal Skates though. With these, you can now control exactly where you go on the red ice rather than relying on the game’s sliding mechanics.

Let’s head to the Anak Volcano.


  • 2x Balm+ (In an itembox on the first floor).
  • 2x Tonic+ (In an itembox on the first floor).
  • 2x Revive (In an itembox on the first floor).
  • 1x Crystal Skates (From Carlos after beating Giant Banyan).
  • 1x Proteins (On the bottom floor behind a door).
  • 2x Mudshire Green Dye (On the bottom floor behind a door).
  • 1x Lady Lottie’s Diary (On the bottom floor behind a door).

Note: Proteins, Lady Lottie’s Diary and Mudshire Green Dye items only appear once clearing it out after beating Anak Volcano.

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