Phasmophobia – How to Actually Survive a Hunt

This guide is the legitimate way to survive a hunt in Phasmophobia.

Ghost Mechanics

During a hunt ghosts have different mechanics, thus listed in your journal.

Before going any further you should probably play through the tutorial to help you find a ghost.

Now for the ghost mechanics before a hunt:

  • Most ghosts hunt around 50% sanity overall for the search team
  • These ghosts can affect your sanity before a hunt, e.g. Jinns tank down your sanity quite a bit when you are in immediate proximity of it. (The estimated sanity drop is around 30% I believe)
  • Before a hunt the ghost chooses a room to spawn into and if it is a banshee it chooses it’s target too, not straying from such target.

Now for the ghost mechanics during a hunt:

  • The ghost if not a banshee uses a targeting system using a line of site from the ghost’s head.
  • The ghost also targets the closest person to itself while using the line of sight system.
  • It can’t detect sound so you can feel free to scream while it’s hunting.
  • Try to use lockers and closet’s before you use rooms, the ghost can fly through doors no matter if its a wraith or not, so lockers and closest’s are more reliable.
  • If hiding in a room try to crouch looking down or up, in the corner this helps the line of sight system try to find other characters before yourself, be mindful the characters you operate also bend completely 180 degrees.

This is all the basics you need to know before getting hunted.

That seems ridiculous but if you do check, when meeting certain conditions Banshees can hunt no matter what the sanity level is.

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