– How to Make an Endless Police Chase

Want to have a nice police chase, even with multiple police cars, that lasts as long as you do? Tired of constantly resetting because the police crash in the first corner or when you push them off the road? Well here’s a solution!

Endless Police Chase

Step 1: Spawning the police

Well, just go to the vehicle selector and spawn as many police cars as you wish. It doesn’t matter where they spawn and they don’t need to be able to move from their initial spawn.

Step 2: Activating the police

Once you have your police cars spawned, on the radial menu go to AI then traffic and just start traffic. After that just start driving and you’ll probably drive like a madman so they should start chasing you on their own. But if they don’t seem to care about you then just slightly nudge one of them and the chase is on!

No matter how many of them you wreck a new one will always spawn once you get far enough of the previous wrecks. Just try to not get busted!

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