– How to Make a Lot of Money (Career Mode)

How to Make a Lot of Money

Note: Credit goes to InfiniteChicken94

Here a guide on how to make a lot of money in the Career mode 0.31. This method can give you around 2500$ to 30 000$ in less than 10 minutes; 5 when you are used to it. Here’s how to do it, step by step. Please note that you need a little bit of money to start, around 10 000$ will be the best to start.

You can earn your starting money by completing the races all around the map, challenges or deliveries missions or simply by selling your first car. See below for reference screenshots!

The principle is simple: buy a car, strip it from all its parts, sell the shell then the parts. Payout can be between 2k and 35k.

Step 1: Go at your garage and go on the computer. Select ”Purchase Vehicle” then select one that you can afford. Tips on what car to / not buy down below ! Ive chose this car because of the following: low km, sport + awd model.

Step 2: Take a taxi to destination (will cost you around 20$… ). Once arrived at the dealership, buy the car.

Step 3: Take the car back to the garage. You can drive it back (be careful, do not crash it !) or by simply by fast travel via the Roadside Assistance menu (default key: R).

Step 4: Park the car inside the garage, get out of the car and walk to the computer. Select ”My Vehicle” from the menu then look up for the car you’ve just bought. Once you’ve found it, select ”Put In Storage”. The car will disapear from the garage and go to storage.

Step 5: Access once again the computer but select ”My Parts”. This menu regroup all the parts, equipped or not, of all your cars. At the right of the screen, you will see the status of each parts (if the part is installed and on what car, if the part is on your inventory, etc ).

Remove every single parts installed on the car you’ve just bought. My example was a Cherrier Vivace so ive removed every parts installed on the Vivace.

Step 6: Do Not Sell The Parts Right Away ! Quit the computer and log back in. Select ”My Vehicles” then select the car you’ve bought then select ”Retrive”. (the car can spawn in front of you on the garage or outside ).

The car will be stripped of all parts. The trick here is the shell is worth way too much money, here in my case the shell was worth 25 000$.

Step 7: Once the shell is sold, go back in the computer and select ”My Parts” again. Sell ALL the parts who have the ‘Sell” label at the right.

That has all the parts you just removed from the car you’ve just sold. When you are done, you will notice that your have more money now that you had before.

The principle is simple: the cars are worth more in parts and the shell have too much value.

Step 8: As you can see with my account balance, I have made around 10 000$ with this specific car. It took me around 5 minutes to do. Before I’ve started anything, I had 485 000$ and had 496 000$ when done. Made 11 000$ in 5 minutes.

Additional Tips

When buying a car or a truck, try to select one with something special, here’s a few exemple of what to keep in mind when shopping for a new car;

4×4 / AWD: AWD or 4×4 vehicles can be a great option as they have a transfer case, an additionnal differential, half shafts, etc vs a RWD version that will be less equipped

Heavy Duty versions: Heavy duty trucks are really profitable as they have a lot of expensive parts. Almost everything mecanical on those are heavy duty and are worth a lot of money.

Pick up trucks: Try to buy the largest D Series you can find as the bed and the cab are gives really good money. The largest bed and the largest cab you have the more money you will get for them

Passenger version: If you can buy a passenger H Series instead of a Cargo one, do it. The passenger have a lot more parts than the cargo. They have seats benches, glass, window, a complete interior, etc. More parts = more money in your pocket!

Sport / Luxury: Those version are lucrative as well because they are often equipped with special wheels, body or interior parts and are worth more money. Sport models always have a better engine, suspension and transmission. The ECU coming from a sport model is also good money compare to a base model. The game take in consideration the trim / version of the car, a Bastion Luxury or Sport door panel, seats, ecu, suspension and transmission are more expensive than one you can find on a 3.5 SE, for example.

EVs: Electrics cars parts are worth a fortune. Only the battery pack in a Tograc is worth around 17 000$ to give you an idea. Add 2 electrics motors at 5000$ each and you can see why they are ones of the best cars to strip down for parts. Sport or high end EVs (like the SBR) are a real gold mine. Motors, battery pack and the ecu are the best parts you can sell from those.

Decals: Some cars have some special graphics on the side (like the ETK 800 Heritage) and can be sold for about 1000$. 2 tones paint jobs can also be sold, that does not make sense but this is something to keep in mind for a little extra when selling parts.

Mileage / KM: buy only cars with the lowest mileage possible. The parts prices are basically based on the mileage, the more mileage (and wear) a part have, the less its worth, logic. A brand new engine is worth a few thousands dollars and an engine with 300 000KM is worthless.

Civetta Scintilla. Those bad boys are the pinnacle of the parts flipping business. Doors? Around 4500$ each. Engine? 20 000$. Transaxle? 10 000$. There is a lot of very very expensive parts on this car. The more you pay for them and the more special the version is, the more money you make. My personnal record was around 35 000$ on 1 single Scintilla.

Do Not Buy!

Commercial trucks: Do not buy the T Series (all versions) for parts reselling. There is litteraly a millions parts on them and they are pretty much all worthless. The T Series trucks for sell often have a lot of mileage, decreasing even more the parts value.

Taxis: Those are really cheap but i dont not recommend buying one for parts flipping. They always have 300 000km + and are the cheapest, basic models. I DO recommend them if you want a cheap car for deliveries thought, as they are really cheap and the mileage does not really matter when you just want to drive around. Only the idle and the paint are bad on high mileage cars as far i know.

High mileage cars: Parts on those are pretty much worthless. I try to buy cars under 100 000km. If you can strip a brand new car, do it. Sometimes i do feel bad about it but money is money!

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