The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – How to Get Good (Tips and Tricks)

Useful Tips and Tricks

  • In general it’s just learning attack patterns and dying a lot, you’ll get good eventually.
  • Biggest thing is learning how enemies move and attack. If you know exactly how the enemy’s shots are going to come out, you know how to dodge it. If you know how to dodge it, you have the advantage.
  • Know when and where to use bombs. On sturdy enemies, clusters of enemies, against a wall that looks suspicious, against rocks that are slightly tinted blue, on machines when they serve no more purpose, on shopkeepers or on coin beggars.
  • Do you have Magdalene?
  • She the best character too learn the game.
  • A bit of noob friendliness whit yum heat but some force get gud at the game since she slower then Isaac. And when you can dodge decently you can learn too abuse yum heart.
  • Never sleep on mediocre item. knowledge and opinions is everything.
  • Sure some item ARE flat out bad, so never pick then unless it’s for achievements. But some of them have good too game breaking combos.
  • Have this mind set; it better then nothing and i may find or not find something else.

Example, you find “kamikaze”. Sure it not a good active item BUT you may have a run where you cant find a single bomb. And who know what on the next item room. It may by pyromaniac for a instant-win or bomber boy for up too 600 to 900 dmg if time right.

Memorise the good, the bad and the risky item combos:

  • Ipecac + my reflection = the suicide king challenge.
  • Midas touch + the poop = $$$.
  • Monstros lung + ipcac = insane dps, fire rate suck and you may blow yourself up.

Remember map generation rule’s

  • This is for secret rooms. in short both secret room tent too spawn next too the same room.
  • Analyze the map 1st, start booming wall you think it there, find one then note the room you’re in. chance is that you may find the room again whit the secret room next too it again.
  • The secret room next too 1-4 room and the super secret room is all way’s 1.
  • Yes do too room structure like a rock blocking the way, thin-room, ect… the normal secret room mit as well be a second super secret room sometimes.

Tldr unlock cool stuff and dont get too stressed.

Other than the obvious dodging which just comes with time, I recommend you focus on unlocking useful stuff, that not only will make next runs better but will also give you a sense of achievement to keep going


Daily runs are a good way to practice with different characters, destinations, and all unlockables as you build skill. Beating 7 of these unlocks Broken Modem, which can double room rewards, slow enemies down and delete enemy tears. Wining 5 in a row unlocks a trinket: Cracked Crown that increases every benefit any other item gives you, like damage or speed.

Then you have challenges, might not work for you, but I tend to have the “doing something difficult first will make the average stuff easier” approach, here challenge #2 you can unlock the Jera rune which doubles other pickups, again focus on unlocking things that are somewhat helpful, many unlocks actively harm the fun: challenge #11 unlocks a card that does literally nothing, which feels like a waste

This approach can be applied to the broader progression of the game: you’ll naturally get to Satan with Isaac in the near future, unlocking one of the best items there are: Mom’s Knife (great damage).

On the broader scheme of things this game invites you to outsmart yourself, so resource management, prioritizing rooms over chests, soul hearts over red hearts, things like that idk. the subtle patterns of the game like secret rooms locations, enemy attack patterns and the most fun: synergies just come with time so my biggest advice is patience, specially with such a huge and frustrating game.

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  1. I did not know that by holding down the Ctrl key, you could drop both your trinket and your ‘Q’ item.

  2. Gnawed Leaf has a lot of beneficial synergy. You are a statue, but the placenta can heal you completely. While you’re a statue, Leech and a few other familiars can make space for you. When you’re a statue, enemies pursuing you can use the effects of Midas’ Touch, The Virus, and E. Coli against you. When you’re a statue, you can use Kamikaze! and Blood Rights once. They deal damage without requiring any damage from you. Remember that doing this will shatter the statue, and to perform this trick again, you will need to metamorphose back into a statue.

  3. When you’re playing a blood bank or demon beggar, you can take advantage of any item that can temporarily make you invincible because it will count as payment and won’t deduct any health.

  4. We Need To Dig Deeper Because trapdoors can’t be positioned in front of secret room entrances! will aid in their discovery through process of elimination.

  5. In a super secret room with a fortune teller, using the “Wheel of Fortune” card ensures that a fortune teller will appear rather than a gambling machine. Every single trinket!

  6. If you have a blank card and a credit card, you can theoretically buy anything from any store (including stores in I AM ERROR rooms and Black Markets) and every Devil Room for nothing.

    – Angel Rooms can still spawn if you buy goods from Devil Rooms without using any heart containers.

    • Hey, I just read that the super secret room in The Cathedral may not actually spawn eternal hearts for The Lovers and The Hierophant. I’ve read that they do as well. In essence, no confirmation exists. However, I am positive that they spawn red and black hearts in the appropriate rooms. In ALL of these rooms, The Jar is an additional item that will spawn various hearts.

  7. Instead of spawning a red heart in a super secret room depicting The Womb/Utero, an eternal heart in a super secret room portraying The Cathedral, or a black heart in a super secret room portraying The Dark Room, any method of spawning hearts will do so.

    Because of this, players might want to exercise caution when using Dark Bum to gather red hearts in The Womb/Utero super secret room because it will always spawn red hearts (or a spider).

    Additionally, players should be aware that the Hematemesis pill will, in each of their respective super secret rooms, spawn four to six black hearts or eternal hearts instead. This could prove to be highly advantageous in specific circumstances.

    – Lastly, in their respective super secret rooms, the tarot card “V – The Hierophant,” which typically spawns two soul hearts, will spawn two black hearts, two eternal hearts, or, for the unlucky, two red hearts. If “VI – The Lovers” is used in one of these rooms, the results will be identical.

  8. With just two items, Brimstone and Polyphemus deal the greatest damage. Providing I didn’t make any math errors.

  9. I would like to offer a suggestion: “If you have Blank Card and Jera, and if you find a lil’ battery, use the blank card until the batteries fill up the room, providing you with infite spacebar item usage for that floor, or infinite cards/runes, or if you want, you can duplicate any dropped item, key, bomb, soul hearts, etc.”

  10. There’s no secret room if there are rocks, ravines, or spikes obstructing the wall. This is another piece of advice. The secret room should be situated on passable terrain. Additionally, the boss room is always nearby the super secret room, and no other room can reach it.

  11. In other words, if you go for brimstone for three red hearts but you only have one, you can still get it for one heart. You can accept devil deals for more hearts than you have.

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