GTA 5 – Cayo Perico Gather Intel Mission Guide + Locations (GTA Online)

In this guide, I will be showing how to find all of the scout locations at Cayo Perico Island. Except four of randomly located poi’s, you only have to locate these places once.

If you are doing the Gather Intel mission for the first time, you are going to a party as a civilian. You sneak out of party and take pictures. After that mission, you will always go there disguised as drug trafficker. But don’t worry, it will be the same mission. You can see the intel progress at inside Kosatka’s panel. There are infiltration points, escape points, compound entry points and point of interests.

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Infiltration Points (8 of Them)

You only have to take pictures of these places once. The places are:

  • Airstrip
  • West Beach
  • Main Dock
  • North Dock
  • North Drop Zone
  • South Drop Zone
  • Drainage Tunnel
  • Halo Jump (Halo jump will be defaultly there. Don’t worry about that.)

White triangles show the Infiltration Points.

Escape Points (4 of Them)

There are 4 escape points. Again, You only have to take pictures of these places once. And the places are:

  • Airstrip
  • Main Dock
  • North Dock
  • Kosatka (You don’t have to take pictures of Kosatka)

White triangles show the Escape Points.

Compound Entry Points (6 of Them)

There are 6 compound entry points. Just like infiltration and escape points, you only have to locate these places once. But you are not going to take pictures for these.For compound entry points, except drainage tunnel, you dont have to actually be in there. Just hack the signal box and you can find these places by looking at camera feed.

The compound entry points are:

  • Drainage Tunnel
  • North Gate
  • South Gate
  • North Wall
  • South Wall
  • Main Gate

White triangles show compound entry points.

Note: For drainage tunnel, You have to dive and see the drainage tunnel to locate it.

Point of Interests (6 of Them)

There are 6 Poi’s:

  • Control Tower
  • Power Station
  • Supply Truck
  • Guard Clothes
  • Grappling Equipment
  • Bolt Cutters

Lets start with two of them. The control tower and power station. These are located at airstrip and you only have to take pictures of these places once. (White marks at airstrip).

The other four, supply truck, guard clothes, grappling equipment and bolt cutters are distributed randomly across the map. I will not cover these locations, since they are spawning at random locations every time. These are optional but very useful. I recommend finding at least two of them. For example, if you find guard clothes and the supply truck together, you can drive into compound without being detected. But supply truck alone is not useful. You have to find guard clothes also.

If you are wearing guard clothes cant get caught by cameras.

Grappling equipment allows you to sneak into compound by walls without detection.

Bolt cutters allows you to cut fences silently to loot secondary targets. Otherwise you’ll need to explode the fence. Which will alarm the guards.

So, these 4 are really important if you are doing the heist stealh.

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