GTA 5 – How to Get to the Buyer Faster (GTA Online)

GTA 5 - How to Get to the Buyer Faster (GTA Online)
GTA 5 - How to Get to the Buyer Faster (GTA Online)

How to reach your destination in a more efficient way..


Note: Credit goes to 2+2=FML

I noticed that people tend to hide in the sewers after getting the getaway cars. While it is a safe strategy and you won’t get shot at all by doing it, it is slow, boring and pretty much involves doing a full circle to get to the exact point you started from. Here is a way to both lose cops really fast and move in the general direction of the buyer without getting shot that much.

Losing the Heat

Right after getting in the car go to the point in the picture…

When you get there go offroad between the road you were on and the highway and follow the red line. Since there are no suitable places for cops to spawn you will easily lose them in these fields.

Taking Shortcuts

After losing the cops you simply need to get to the buyer. If you got the buyer near the bridge on the far left just follow the GPS. For other loctaions, however, there is a more efficient way to get there than the one the game tells you. Get on the train tracks and go left.

You can get on them here.

And here.

You don’t have to worry about the train as you won’t meet one (and even if you did, you’d be going in the same direcion).


Using this strategy you’ll get to the buyer way faster than by going through the sewers and losing hardly any money in the process since you are only on the road for a few seconds before going to fields where cops can’t get you. Train tracks will help save some time and get you straight to your destination.

Of course there is also a way to steal a helicopter but it takes you in the opposite direction at first and you’ll have to fly over multiple mountains to get to the buyers which will take some time. The one time i had someone who went for the heli, it ended up being a tie.


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