GTA 5 – Cayo Perico Heist Loot Guide

I have been struggling to find an up to date and relevant guide explaining the capacity and value of the loot bags based on the targets one can steal on the island. So far this is the most basic guide I have put together sifting through a ton of information online and taking part in the heist myself.


Effectively there is a Value ($) / Capacity (Loot Bag) ratio. With the loot bag being very limited it is key to not only try and fill it completely but also fill it with items of the highest value to maximize the most money stolen through the heist.

This guide will briefly cover the primary and secondary targets available to loot including the percentage of space they take and their overall value.

As of this date, the most valuable items as secondary targets seem to be, in order: Gold, Weed & Cocaine with the consideration of the weight of each stack. I will break it all down below starting first with the primary targets. Please note that these figures might not be exact to the absolute dollar or cent but it seems to be the closest possible figures.

Also note that I will not be discussing the total possible takes, fencing fees etc. Simply just what can be looted based on primary and secondary target options.

Primary Targets

  • Tequila – $900,000 (Normal) / $990,000 (Hard)
  • Ruby Necklace – $1,000,000 (Normal) / $1,100,000 (Hard)
  • Bearer Bonds – $1,100,000 (Normal) / $1,120,000 (Hard)
  • Pink Diamond – $1,300,000 (Normal) / $1,430,000 (Hard)

Secondary Targets

Based per stack looted.

  • Cash – $85,000.00 – $90,000.00 > 25% of Bag > Total Lootable: $340,000.00 (+/-)
  • Weed – $147,870.00 > 33% of Bag > Total Lootable: $395,000.00 (+/-)
  • Cocaine – $220,095.00 > 50% of Bag > Total Lootable: $440,000.00 (+/-)
  • Painting – $189,500.00 > 50% of Bag > Total Lootable: $380,000.00 (+/-)
  • Gold – $332,184.00 > ~66% of Bag > Total Lootable: $500,000.00 (+/-)

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