GTA 5 – Ultimate The Cayo Perico Heist Loot Guide (GTA Online)

Finding a current and pertinent guide that explains the capacity and worth of the loot bags based on the targets that can be stolen on the island has proven difficult for me. This is the most basic instruction I have yet created after searching through a ton of web resources and participating in the theft myself.


Effectively there is a Value ($) / Capacity (Loot Bag) ratio. With the loot bag being very limited it is key to not only try and fill it completely but also fill it with items of the highest value to maximize the most money looted through the heist.

This guide will briefly cover the primary and secondary targets available to loot including the percentage of space they take and their overall value.

As of this date, the three most valuable items as secondary targets seem to be, in order: Gold, Weed & Cocaine with the consideration of the weight of each stack. I will break it all down below starting first with the primary targets. Please note that these figures might not be to the exact dollar as the difficulty of the mission plays a role and what you decide to loot to fill your bag.

Mandatory Fees

Once the heist is over, there are two additional fees that will be taken off your total score, first is the Fencing Fee which equates to – 10% of the primary & secondary takes combined, this goes to Minnie Madrazzo and lastly, there is Pavel’s cut of – 2% of the primary & secondary take combined.

Primary Targets


  • ​$900,000 (Normal)
  • ​$990,000 (Hard)

Ruby Necklace

  • ​$1,000,000 (Normal)
  • $1,100,000 (Hard)

Bearer Bonds

  • ​$1,100,000 (Normal)
  • ​$1,210,000 (Hard)

Pink Diamond

  • ​$1,300,000 (Normal)
  • ​$1,430,000 (Hard)

Panther Statue:

  • ​$1,900,000 (Normal)
  • $2,090,000 (Hard)

Madrazo Files:

  • ​$1,100,000 (Normal)

Secondary Targets

Note: Value of items based on difficulty. Hard mode = Higher valued loot.


  • Value Per Stack: $90,000.00 +/-
  • Weight Per Stack: 25%
  • Value Per Bag: $360,000.00 +/-


  • Value Per Stack: $147,870.00 +/-
  • Weight Per Stack: 33%
  • Value Per Bag: Up to $443,670.00 +/-


  • Value Per Stack: $220,095.00 +/-
  • Weight Per Stack: 50%
  • Value Per Bag: Up to $440,190.00 +/-


  • Value Per Stack: $189,500.00 +/-
  • Weight Per Stack: 50%
  • Value Per Bag: Up to $379,000.00 +/-


  • Value Per Stack: $332,187.00 +/-
  • Weight Per Stack: 66%
  • Value Per Bag: Up to $498,276.00 +/-

El Rubio’s Office

Personal Hidden Safe/Vault – Located next to the fireplace as you enter the office, right of the window behind El Rubio’s desk.


  • $50,000 – $100,000 (+/-)

Desk Drawer – The key is found with a guard who occasionally spawns outside of bars and clubs in GTA Online (see possible locations below) during Random Events. The guard will spawn differently for each player, so every player must visit a number of bars/clubs for the Random Event to occur.

The sleeping guard will spawn outside of the club, and players can interact with the Body to receive a “Small Key” in their inventory, this key unlocks the drawer at El Rubio’s desk.

  • Perico Pistol

Possible Passed Out Guard Locations

  • Location #01
  • Location #02
  • Location #03
  • Location #04
  • Location #05
  • Location #06
  • Location #07
  • Location #08
  • Location #09
  • Location #10

Possible The Combat Shotgun Locations

  • All Locations
  • Location #01
  • Location #02
  • Location #03
  • Location #04
  • Location #05
  • Location #06
  • Location #07

Cayo Perico Heist Intel Map

A new heist called The Cayo Perico Heist was added to Grand Theft Auto Online with the release of The Cayo Perico Heist. The main plot of the heist is on the protagonist getting in touch with the son of a Mexican criminal lord they previously collaborated with in order to take sensitive papers from a well-known drug lord’s Caribbean island stronghold. In order to pull off the heist, players must scout the island for potential targets to steal from, as well as places of interest and entrance points to the victim’s complex.

Click to enlarge (5000×5000)…

Helpful Tips & Tricks

The top ten helpful hints for the recent Cayo Perico Heist that you most likely aren’t aware of. Your subsequent robbery runs will be funnier and more effective after seeing this video. Before you view the video, what is your best advice for the latest heist? And after that? I hope you find it informative and enjoyable. I will not be discussing the various types of treasure.

Important Time-Saving Tips

  • To prevent bolt cutters, prepare the blow torch. You must examine the drainage tube in order to unlock this preparation.
  • Don’t bother preparing explosives. If you have already completed your blow torch prep, this step is unnecessary. Explosives serve no use and compromise stealth.
  • Select any compound entry or infiltration point, however the drainage tunnel is the recommended route. You can still travel there (use a submarine or longfin as your approach vehicle for optimal results).
  • Simply locate the closest one to El Rubio Mansion if you (for whatever reason) desire guard attire. If you want to do this with many persons, just one clothing place can give disguise outfits for all four of them. This holds true for grappling hooks as well. It takes just one for the four of them.
  • No matter what, wearing security gear won’t notify the guards outside the mansion anywhere on the map. (Even after you’ve entered the mansion and stolen the main goal without sounding the alarm). Avoid running into guards or brandishing a weapon in front of them while you’re disguised. However, you must exercise caution within the estate as the guards don’t give a damn about your disguise.
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  1. IceFyre is correct. The correct math for weed is 147k for 37.5% not 33%. Two full stacks of weed (75%) and one full stack of cash (25%) fill a bag.

  2. Few tips for you:
    Grab Gold first then cocaine, weed and cash if you need to.

    Don’t take the painting, it’s not worth it.

  3. Math is wrong here. weed says 147k for 33% of bag, which would make a full bag worth ~450k, however the total lootable is listed as 395k. I don’t know whether the stack or total value is wrong. Please fix!

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