Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered – Tips and Tricks that Works for Null

These are tips that can help you beat the game on all modes. If you want, you don’t need to follow it.

Tips and Tricks for All Mods

Note: Credit goes to KaiOsGaming

The Basics of the Base Characters

To start off, this is the basic information in the game.

Like, VERY basic. To beat this game, you have to get all 7 notebooks, but every time you get a question wrong, Baldi gets mad and slaps faster, causing him to move faster as well. After getting all 7 notebooks, hit all 4 exits. The first 3 you hit will be fake and block your way out. The last lets you escape. Sound easy? THINK AGAIN. There are a total of 7 characters (13 counting Mrs. Pomp, Beans, Baldiloon Test, Null, and Cloudy Copter) that will be trying to stop you from getting out. Just not at the same time.

This Red Arrow is Spawn

Baldi can hear every door you open, and will chase you around the school. You CAN lose baldi, just make a turn without Baldi seeing you make the turn and make sure you don’t make noise.


The Principal of the Thing is a character that is guaranteed on every level in BB+, same as Baldi. Principal will send you to detention for running, using B-Sodas, entering School Faculty Only Rooms, and Escaping Detention. He will send It’s A Bully to Detention too, as long as he isn’t already chasing you and you’ve gotten close enough that Bully says something.

The first time you go to detention, it starts at fifteen. Normally, it adds 5 seconds to this timer every time you get Detention again. Once you get 60 seconds for Detention, however, the next time you get Detention you have 99 seconds.


Notorious for being the WORST, Playtime will make you skip rope 5 times when caught. In BB+, you get YTP (You Tried Points) when you beat the mini-game, but the amount of points you win decrease when failing. Normally, you skip rope 5 times before she’s satisfied, failing makes this reset. You can interrupt the mini-game by using Safety Scissors, or being moved by something like a Conveyor Belt or Gotta Sweep. Doing these make her sad and end the mini-game, without the YTP’s. She has a 15 second cooldown before locking on to the player again.

Arts and Crafters

Arts and Crafters will appear at the end of corridors and run away when you stare at him. However, when you have all 7 notebooks, staring at him will cause him to charge at you, and then teleport you and Baldi back to spawn at touch.

Gotta Sweep

This janitor will be chilling in his closet most of the time, but when he feels like it, he’ll announce that “IT’S SWEEPIN’ TIME” before charging out of his room and sweeping everywhere. He will carry anyone along with him, so stay out of his way. He’ll go back after, like, a minute. His closet holds a WD-No Squee.

1st Prize

This little robot will roam around the school. When he spots you, he will hug you, pushing you in the process. If he gets fast enough while pushing you, he will shatter windows upon hitting them, alerting Baldi and allowing new room to move. He turns slow though.

It’s A Bully

He can randomly be found in hallways, and upon contact, takes 1 item. The item he takes is random. If you have no items, he will not let you go past him. If the Principal of the Thing spots him after you’ve interacted with him, he will be sent to Detention. He won’t actually be in there though.

Hard Mode Differences

  • Characters don’t stop during notebooks
  • Demo Style makes Math Machines give 3 questions instead of 1
  • Notebooks don’t have glitched questions, but they still make Baldi faster. If you get these wrong, is makes him faster, faster!
  • Playtime’s Jump-rope count goes from 5 to 10
  • Principal’s detention times add 15 seconds each time instead of 5
  • Principal can’t lose the player
  • Baldi is placed closer to Baldi after an Arts and Crafters attack
  • It’s harder to escape Gotta Sweeps sweeping

The Basics of the Demo Style Characters

These are the Basics of the characters that appear in Demo Style.


Beans will wander the school, looking for you. When he spots you, he will begin to chew gum for 4 seconds. After he’s done chewing, he will spit it out in the direction he last spot you, which drastically slows you if it hits you. This GUM can slow other characters, and if it hits you, you can use Safety Scissors to cut it off yourself.

Cloudy Copter

Cloudy Copter is basic. He walks around the School-House, and randomly blows down to the end of the corridor, making it easier to move in his direction, and harder in the opposite of the blowing direction. Where he blows is completely random, and you cannot influence him on where to blow.

Basics of BB+ Exclusive Characters

Mrs. Pomp

She will roam the halls. Upon spotting you, she will dart towards you, and tell you to go to her class upon contact. Before she says the line “Check your Map to see where My Class is” Everyone freezes, including you. Going to her class in under 2 minutes will give you YTPs. Failing to do so, however, will cause her to get angry. Going into a room will cause her to stay outside of it, and exiting will make her scream and drag you to her class, alerting Baldi. Once she’s done, she forgets all about it and walks away.

The Test

The Test is a mysterious and rare character that stays in place. Once he spots you, he will begin whirring. If you don’t get out of his line of sight in 5 seconds. He locks onto you. Looking away causes him to move closer. After looking away and regaining eye contact 9 times, or letting him touch you, you will be blinded, like the Fog event, but it doesn’t affect other characters, and you see less, and the fog is black. It goes away after a couple of minutes, but he has ZERO cooldown on him.

Basics for Null/Glitch Style

Phase one

Baldiloon is basically the same thing as Baldi, but there are major changes.

They are the fact that getting caught crashes the game, Null can see and break through windows, each slap moves him further than Baldi. After hitting 3 exits, Null runs to the Principals Office and stays there. Before hitting the 4th and final exit, Null will close it off, and start a dialogue. Floating chairs, desks, bananas, and plants can be found here. Throw one at him to start Phase 2.

Phase two

You must run around the school, throwing previously stated junk at him. Later in this fight, he will start to block you off with images. Getting past this lets you beat the game.

My Optimal Route

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