Syberia – How to Play the Game on Steam Deck/Windows 11

Guide to Play the Game on Steam Deck

You need to create the text file (do this in desktop mode) that you’ll read about wherever you read about getting Syberia to run on modern machines: a file called “player.ini” in the game’s directory (in desktop mode, open up the Steam library, right click on the game and select Manage -> Browse local files if you don’t know where that is) that just contains the single line:

800 600 32 0 BaseCMO.cmo

There were reports on ProtonDB that it worked with older versions of Proton but not with newer, so I picked Proton 5.13-6 as the “specific Steam Play compatibility tool.”

By default, the game wants the Deck to cook itself, so (in game mode, once the game’s running) make a Syberia performance profile that cranks the Watts all the way down to 3 W, and the GPU down to 600 Hz, and set the framerate limit to 30 Hz. You might as well use FSR as the scaling filter while you’re there.

Have fun!

Guide to Play the Game on Windows 11

  • Download dxwnd.
  • Open dxwnd -> file menu -> import -> go to your dxwnd folder then exports folders-> search for Syberia
  • If you have menu textures missing enable these options:
    • Right click on Syberia -> modify -> from these menu check these options and let the other options be as is.
  • Video | window style: modal, Screen Resolution: SD (4:3).
  • DirectX(2) | fix ddraw refcount , set 16bp … ,safe pallet, full rect blit, fix dc pallet.
  • You better play it with Main | Generic: Run in Window.
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