Disgaea 5 Complete – Tips and Tricks

Disgaea 5 Complete - Tips and Tricks
Disgaea 5 Complete - Tips and Tricks

Best Characters and Notes on Builds

Note: Credit goes to Shindragan

I personally loved Zetta, he starts with high stats and high aptitudes and good unique skills.

Just a few notes on characters you might wish to know:

Every character unique or generic starts with weapon aptitudes and mastery ranks, but they dont matter that much because you can upgrade both in the Char World, so eventually you can have all aptitudes at 300% and all weapon masteries at Rank S if you want with any character.

The same goes for resistances except Star and Weapon resistances, you can upgrade your Water,Fire and Wind resistances with Innocents up to 99% resistance.

You can upgrade your weapon resistances up to +20% through innocents as well.

So if Zetta has an innate 10% resistance to monster weapons, he can have 30% monster resistance with innocents.

You can learn all evilities from generic classes by mastering their classes.

You can learn common evilities from unique characters by making the unique character do a Char World run and creating an evility scroll.

If you want a spell like Tera Ice or Tera Heal, you will unlock the Skill squad which will let you learn these common skills if you put the one that has it as leader, then practice it on the same map with the leader with the apprentice character, as long as it levels to 1, its yours.

What you CANT have in every character are unique skills and unique overloads with the exception of the netherworld overlords that join you, like Izuma who has the awesome Comet Disaster overload that hits every enemy in the map, you can replace your original overload with those through the dark assembly once you finish the game.

So pick a character that you like for their star and weapon resistances plus their unique evilities and unique skills, like the Sage’s Land Decimation skill which only Sages can have.

Customer Rank and Normal Weapons

Buy things in Rose Queen Co. to improve your Customer Rank.

The more Customer Rank, the better weapons, although the Carnage versions of the weapons will be 100 times better, just do this if you are finding it hard in the story to get through the stages.

Customer Rank caps at 12, you will need to pass Bills in the Assembly to unlock them but it also depends on which storyline chapter you are on.

Master Martial Training

These are the best stages to grind for levels, you unlock these after that wimp needs training, every few chapters, you can pass a bill to unlock another stage if you already cleared the one before.

The Carnage versions of these stages are 100 times better, so dont grind for Lv9999 in the normal versions, please..

Research Squad, Explorers of the Universe

You need to find a Rank 35 world to unlock the Land of Carnage so its highly advisable to start exploring as soon as you can, you can capture high level units then solicit them after Interrogating them to add them to your ranks, so you can send them into missions. Every few chapters, you will be given more ships so you can send up to 10 missions at once at the end of the main story. (another perk to rushing to finish the main story).

The Cheat Shop

As you unlock new chapters by doing the main story, you will unlock new shops and tools, I strongly suggest you dont make the game harder through the cheat shop, just use it to up your XP gain and maybe HL to get your Customer Rank up if you need new weapons.

In the Cheat Shop, you will be able to increase your gains, including Mana, HL, XP and weapon XP.

You will unlock 500 CP by completing the main story, that means you can put 500% bonus to one of the things you might need and in the post game, you can unlock another 500CP for a total of 1000% bonus to whatever you need, I strongly suggest you leave HL to a low % since selling Carnage Items (once you unlock LoC) will give you billions.

To get the remaining CP you need to fully complete the following areas that are unlocked through Bills in the Dark Assembly:

  • Clear The Phantom Copies
  • Clear The Cursed Witch
  • Clear Possessed By Heart
  • Clear Carnage Dimension

The Innocent Farm and the Innocent Squads

DO NOT get the final innocent aid squad upgrade that lets innocent born as subdued. Well, at least not until you have a good supply of maxed out innocents. Stat innocents max out at 50,000 and you want at least 20 of these for your gear.

If you breed get stack of 10000 unsubdued innocents, you will get a good percentage of the stack when it breeds, take the 1000 unsubdued innocent to the item world and you can eighttuple them right quick:

  • x2 from being unsubdued to subdued.
  • x2 if the one that captures them is in the innocent hunter squad.
  • x2 if you are in the innocent enhance route.
  • x2 if you maxed out the innocent hunter squad and a hunter subdues them.

The Alchemy Bench

When you finish the game, you will unlock the alchemy bench, use the bench to get XP potions and Mana potions for curry or to grind the Char World.

The Char World

A great tool to duplicate evilities and get extra movement and counters, not to mention evility slots!

The weapon aptitudes you get through the goal reward or tiles cap at 300%, you can also improve your weapon mastery ranks up to S. The price goes up every time you win but it gets reset after you reincarnate, so you can stack yourself with Mana Pots to grind it quickly if you need to.

You can also use the Char World to create scrolls of the common evilities you want, super useful.

Notes on Land of Carnage

The Land of Carnage

Once you finish the main storyline, you will be able to do a series of quest (in the Quest Shop) to unlock the land of Carnage, the items you get in the land of carnage are easily 100 times more powerful than their normal versions, that is why its very important to get here as quick as you can so you dont waste time grinding for inferior gear.

You need to clear several green quests in the Quest shop to unlock the stages that give you access to LoC, these are the quests you need to complete, some of these need others for you to complete first.

  • Bloodthirsty Den -> Violent Challenger
  • God of an Item -> Beautiful Assassin
  • Chara World Victory -> Only Victors Wanted ->Winner’s Only
  • Master Researcher -> Harbinger -> Where it All Began

Once everything is done, you can pass Fight New Enemies! Bill in the Dark Assembly to unlock the stages that finally will give you access to LoC.

You dont need to do any of the carnage versions of the normal maps, if you dont want to.

I suggest you farm the carnage martial training stages for both XP and items, Christo has a good evility to spawn items that you can use or sell.

You will need to focus on getting that Rank 39 carnage weapon now, the R40 weapon is a must to get your main attack stat to around 40 million. So you need to do item worlds of high ranks and find those higher rank weapons.

Click to enlarge…

Once you have your Rank 39 carnage weapon, go inside it and spam for Mystery Rooms, one of the easiest ways to get a R40 carnage weapon is to find the Mystery Room with it, but this only works if you are in a R39 carnage weapon of the type you are looking for.

The fastest way to get Mystery Rooms is getting a hold of the Explorer Evility then making copies of it through the Char World, then having a squad of 4 people go with you into zones and making sure those 4 people are in the map before you clear or skip the level.

You can get the Explorer Evility from Pirates, you can characters master the Pirate class to access the evility or copy the evility like I mentioned before.

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