GTA 5 – Tips for Solo Players (GTA Online)

This guide will help you get started with GTA Online as a solo player.

GTA Online Tips (Solo Player)

Before you start playing GTA Online I highly recommend you to finish the Story Mode of GTA V so you can get the basics of the game and learn some stuff and remember the map. When you finish GTA V, you can start playing GTA Online.

One of the first things you should do when you load in the GTA Online is to go to the Casino and spin the Lucky Wheel because there you can get some money to start with. Because you are a low level there is not a lot you can do, I recommend you to do Contact Missions, you can also try to do the time trials with a stolen bike where you can get GTA $100 000. After you reach GTA $50 000 in your bank account, you should register as a VIP, you can do that by pressing M (PC) and there you will find Register as a VIP option. You can only do that if you have GTA $50 000 or more.

After you became VIP you can start doing 2 VIP missions that are very easy and they pay good money, those are Headhunter and Sightseer. You can also complete Treasure Hunt.

Treasure Hunt is a mission in the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of The Doomsday Heist update. It served as a teaser for the forthcoming release of Red Dead Redemption II. When you finish it you will get Double Action Revolver and if you make 50 headshots with it you will get GTA $250 000 which is a good money. You can start Treasure Hunt when you get a message on your phone with a picture of a location of your first clue.

There is also a similar thing for a weapon called Navy Revolver in which you have to find few clues about a serial killer and after you find them the killer will hunt you down and when you kill him you will get money and a Navy Revolver.

There is one more weapon you can get and it is Stone Tomahawk. The stone tomahawk is unlocked through a quest chain starting with a message out the blue from Maude, the bounty hunter Trevor works with in the single-player campaign. After that you will get some money and the Stone Tomahawk.

With the money you have go to Ammu-Nation and buy some weapons, I recommend you to buy these weapons: Micro SMG, AP Pistol, Sticky bombs, Proximity Mines, Carbine Riffle and a Grenada launcher. I think that there is also some free weapons and you should get them too.

Now you should have about GTA $750 000 or even more. With that money you should buy apartment and I recommend one that is GTA $217 000 in the middle of the city next to the Maze Bank Tower. From there you should get a free car that you have on Legendary Motorsports site and if you want you should buy armored Kuruma on San Andreas Autos site.

Now from here there is a lot of options you can do like:

  • Buying business and doing missions for it
  • Buying Submarine and do The Cayo Perico heist (One of the better options)
  • Doing heists in the apartment (Recommended)

You should also buy the CEO Office because from there you can do import and export business which is very profitable, you can also do business with crates which is also very profitable. This is the one you should start with. Cheapest CEO Office is GTA $1 000 000 and it is actually a really good office.

I hope I helped you to start GTA Online. 

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