GTA 5 – How to Make Quick Money (GTA Online)

This guide is going to teach you how to make 40k every 20 minutes with you working for only 10 of them minutes. Its pretty basic but this was my way of making money without having to grind to hard and still enjoy myself this guide is directed for newer players and mid tier players for example level 50 and below.

How to Make Quick Money (Easy Method)

List of equipment needed:

  • CEO Business (1 million) (only the building no warehouse or car warehouse needed)
  • A friend or someone to play with ( I played solo and i will share how i use to do it)


  • Armoured Kurma or Armoured car (NEEDS TO STOP BULLETS HITTING YOU)

How to Do It!

To start up first you need to go into your interaction menu and and select SecuroServ and become a CEO, Then invite your friend by selecting Hire associates look for friends and click that.

What to do if your a solo player type into the chat and type Any low levels tryna make money, wait for a reply and if not on replies change lobby and wait for someone to come join you.

Now once you got an associate tell them there gonna be making 40k every 20 mins or 10k every 10 mins and all they have to do is drive a lorry for you.

Once you’ve told them what there doing your ready to GO.

(If you have an MOC call that in go to it take the cab off the trailer and wait)

Time to start go into your interaction menu then SercuroServ CEO – VIP WORK – HAULAGE – START

Tell your associate to go collect the trailer and complete the task.

(MOC CAB users give them your cab to use instead of the default one)

Now you can go do your own thing and wait for them to finish.

(Once they are done you will receive 20-22k and so will they)

Once they have finished drive over to them (time to call in your armoured vehicle if you have one)

And pick them up its up to you who drives, i usually drive myself to make sure nothing goes wrong Now go into interaction menu SercuroServ CEO – VIP CHALLENGES – MOST WANTED – START

All you have to do is survive 5 stars for 10 minutes my suggestion is to go to the construction building near maze bank and hide in the top of that or go to the top of mount chilliad and only have to deal with the helicopters. (if you in armoured vehicle just drive around)

After that done you should both receive 20k as long as you both survived and that is your 40k for 20 minute work.

(You can just keep doing them over and over to get more money as there will be no cooldown or wait).

Hope this help some of your out.

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